How To Tighten Dreads With Palm Roll Method Instantly?

palm rolling dreads

Palm rolling your dreadlocks is placing the dread at the bottom of your palm and rubbing it back and forth. This is one of the best methods to smooth out bumps and loose hairs in your dread. While some people prefer palm rolling wet dread others palm roll dry dreads. It’s the perfect technique for … Read more

How can I grow my dreadlocks naturally/Freeform Dreads?

freeform dreads

Natural dreads, commonly known as freeform dreads, is unique. They are easy to identify and low maintenance. While they are the cheapest to achieve, Freeform dreads involves little to no manipulation and grow and shape naturally.  People with straight hair, who want to achieve freeform dreads without manipulating their locs, should start with long hair … Read more

What is the best oil to use on dreadlocks? Natural Dreads oils

dreads oils

When you think of oils for your dreadlocks, natural oils should be the only oils that come to mind. These include natural coconut, olive, and Jamaican Castro oil. I can’t tell you not to put unnatural products in your hair. However, I can try to convince you not to. Products such as locking gel or … Read more

How often should I wash my dreadlocks To Prevent Build-up?

how to wash dreadlocks

This is a common question during the starter dreads stage. Contrary to popular belief, you can wash your hair once a week. However, some people wait until their one-month mark to shampoo their locs, and this depends on the person. So, How often should you wash your dreadlocks- this range from one week to a … Read more

Interlocking Vs Palm Rolling Dreadlocks Which Is the Best?

Palm rolling vs interlocking

Palm rolling is a technique used to maintain locs where you or a loctician roll your dreads in between their palms. This process twists the new growth at the root of the dread. Whereas, interlocking is a method where the loc is pulled through the new growth and is repeated until it tightens the loc … Read more

Tips To Maintain Fresh Dreads After Gym And Sweating

dreads after sweating and gym

Exercise is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re working out six to seven times a week, then you’re sweating a lot. This can mess up your fresh re-twist and leave your dread smelly and full of sweat. The last thing you’ll want to do is wash your hair, especially if you did … Read more

How long does it take for dreads to lock up?

Dread locking

Waiting for your dreads to lock up is not the end goal of your dreads journey. However, unraveling is not a problem anymore at this stage. For healthy dreadlocks, no products will increase the locking process, and with patience and daily moisturizing, you’ll get there, eventually. How long does it take for dreads to lock … Read more

Is Rosewater Good For dreads? And It’s Benefits

Rosewater for Dreads

If you are wondering if rose water good for dreads? The answer is yes! It has been around since ancient Egypt times as a beauty ritual for the hair and skin. Rosewater is a natural mixture that moisture your dreads and promotes hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp. You don’t have to buy … Read more