Beardlocks- A Guide To Getting beard dreadlocks

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It may seem unbelievable, but you can get beardlocks if you don’t comb your beard. This style has been around for centuries and 3-10 people with dreadlocks have beardlocks.

But, what is beardlocks as well as how to get and maintained them to look the way you wanted?

As the name suggests, beard dreadlocks are the locking of the facial hair under the chin. Most of the time people intentionally, install beardlocks while other times your beard may lock together if you don’t comb or brush them for a very long time.

My experience with beard dreads involves my Rastafarian friend, who used to sell perfume (also known as ras oil) and Rastafarian jewellery. When I asked why his beard look like this, he says it dreaded on its own and he couldn’t bear cutting such a natural process.

What Does It Take To Get Beard Dreadlocks?

Beardlocks free-form requires you to leave your beard to grow without cutting or maintenance. However, some people may have to twist their facial hair so the locking process can begin and gain shape.

It takes a lot of patience and commitment to achieve beardlocks. If you don’t like facial hair or it makes you uncomfortable, this is not the right choice for you. Plus, your beard grows slower than the hair on your head, so the process is lengthy.

Also, plan out the way you want your beard dreadlocks to look- it is a great idea. Sometimes it can matt together into one big bulk so separation is needed. If your beardlocks are twisted, three-four locs is desirable when starting beardlocks.

Tip: Sleep on silk pillowcase to prevent build up of lint.

How To Start Beard Dreadlocks?

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Starting beardlocks require the similar technique you’ll do with the hair on your head. That is either: two-strand twist, coils or braids.

For maintenance: you must regularly twist them. For example, if you have three locs once a week you may need to re-twist them with water and natural oils.

Natural oils like argan and jojoba oil will moisturize your facial skin and hair in turn, give you shiny, and healthy beardlocks.

You shouldn’t use any thick products in your beard deadlock as this can cause build-up.

Can I Wash My Beardlocks?

Like dreadlocks your beardlocks is susceptible to build up. As a result, you’ll need to wash them once a week. You can use residue free-shampoo since it wouldn’t soften up your twist as regular beard shampoos will do.

Beard dreadlocks are an acquired taste, however, once you have tried it you’ll notice there is a lot of work involved. Furthermore, you’ll need to twist, moisturize, wash and have a lot of patience to start your journey.

Beardlocks Q and A

How long your beard needs to be before installing beardlocks? Once your beard is long enough to twist, you can lock them. You can also add rubber bands to the ends to prevent unravelling.

How long does beardlocks take to lock? Beard dreadlocks can take 6-12 months to lock.

Can I Trim My Beardlocks? No, you should not trim your beard however, you can line up the sides.

Can I Add Beard Jewellery To My Beard? If you are now starting out wait until your beard is locked before adding jewellery.

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