How To Get Rid Of Dread Lice With Shampoo/Alcohol

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There is always a point in your dreads journey where you may come across a “lice scare.” Despite what people may think, lice are a common problem that affects dread heads and natural hair the same way.

However, this is not a hygiene problem, but if you get lice, they are difficult to get rid of compared to unlock hair. Removing lice from natural hair is a two-step process: you apply the lice shampoo and let it sit then, comb out the dead lice and its eggs.

You Can’t Comb Out Dread Lice

dreads lice

With dreaded hair, there is no way you can comb out the dead lice or the eggs. So, that’s why many people believe if your dreaded hair has lice, there is little to no hope to get rid of them.

But, don’t give up just yet!

While you can’t comb out the dead lice, you can still apply the lice shampoo but reapply the shampoo until your dread are clear of lice. Because you can’t kill the eggs, it’s better to wash your hair every three days until all the lice have disappeared.

How Much Time I Must Repeat Lice Shampoo

How much time you must repeat your lice shampoo treatment depends on person to person. I recommend you wash your dread with the lice shampoo until you are 110% sure your hair is lice free. Honeydew Lice Shampoo Treatment is a popular brand to use on your dreads. This product has tea tree oils and relies on natural ingredients.

You don’t want to put products that have too many chemicals in them in your dreads because you must repeat the treatment. If you’re against lice shampoo, there is an alternative available: Soak your dreads in rubbing alcohol and cover your hair with a plastic cap, this seal in the fumes from the alcohol and kills the lice. This method still needs repeating every three days as it doesn’t kill the eggs.

Staying vigilant is not always that easy, but be careful. Don’t share towels, comb, and brush nor lie down on beds, pillows, or chairs that infected person once slept. Remember to dry your hair thoroughly to prevent dreads rot.

Keep safe and dreaded!

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