Where Can You Get Clip-on Dreadlocks?

If you want to try dreadlocks but don’t want the commitment of the style, then a clip-on dreadlock is the best choice. Compared to the regular dreadlock extensions, you don’t have to go through the lengthy task of crocheting them. These dreadlocks are great for people who are looking for an easy take on dreads.

There are many places you can purchase clip-ons like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can also make them at home. This post will answer all your questions on clip-on dreadlocks extension and help you get started on this simple style.

When installing clip-on, you’ll want to start for the bottom and work your way to the top. You should also clip the longest row of dreads to the back and the shortest to the front of your head. However, if you have a side part, you can always stack to the side; there is no one rule when installing clip-ons as it is all about personal preference. The tools required for installation include a brush, hair spray, and of course- the locs.

How To Install Clip-on Dreadlocks Installations?

  • First, start with a clean set of hair.
  • For each row, back-comb your natural hair so the clip can have something firm to grip.
  • Place the teeth of the clip in the area that was previously back-combed and attach the clip to your hair.
  • Following the same process, keep clipping the extensions until your hair is complete.
  • Then, you can take your hair spray to secure any loose hair to the top.

When adding clips to dreadlock extension, ensure that it is connected to a track, then you can sew in the clip. The best hair to use is natural loose hair and backcomb or crochet them until they are matted together, like the Wennalife Human extension that features soft and easy to manipulate hair for dreadlocks making.

Readymade Clip-on Dreadlocks

After searching online for dreadlock clip-ons, I realize they are expensive, but they are long-lasting. The Doctored locs is a reliable brand and offers high-quality products like their line of clip-ons. The package contains 48 locs which is more than enough to complete your head.

For locs that have no track, you can add clips to each individual locs. The technique that works best for this is installing them on braids to secure them. The AOSOME Human Hair Dreads is an excellent choice, however, some customers complained of the chemical smell so before clipping them into your hair wash them first.

Dreadlock clip-ons take five minutes to install so if you are looking for a quick dread style then try them.

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