Five Cheap Dreadlocks Extensions You Must Try

Dreadlocks extensions is an excellent way to grow your locs to a manageable length and for partial dreads. Also, for someone who loves the style, extensions are a great way to wear them without any long-term commitment.

Human dreadlocks are very expensive however, it’s not your only option as there is synthetic hair you can buy. In my last post, I answered the question (Can you use synthetic hair for dreadlocks?) as well as outline the Pros and Cons. I found this hair can be a bit stiff but, after soaking them in hot water a few times, and regular use the hair behaves like human hair.

Buying extensions is a challenge so this post will help you find the cheapest dreadlocks extensions in the market.

Aosome Dreadlock Crochet Dreads Extensions

Aosome dreadlocks are an amazing product. With over 200 reviews and multiple colours, you can buy locs for any occasions. While some customers complain of stiffness, you can fix this by soaking the hair in hot water for 30 seconds. The locs are synthetic and handmade so, texture and length vary.

For installation, you can crochet the loc by connecting it with your hair. But, luckily for you, I have already done a guide on this. Also, these dreadlocks are great for already locked hair, however, the texture suits straight dread better. The package comprises twenty extensions and beads for decorations also, 2-3 packs complete a full head.

You can wash it like non-dreaded hair and air-dry them. After a while, it will become softer and flexible. If the hair is too loose, you can crochet them with a 5 mm hook for a tighter lock. Further, the Aosome is a quality product at a cheap price, and it’s one brand you shouldn’t overlook

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Dansama Men Dreadlocks Extensions

Before you buy this hair, know that it is short (8 inches) and great for men who are looking for a cheaper alternative to human hair. It is Kanekalon fibre and is cheaper than the Aosome brand. Also, it has only 15 locs in a package. This means for a full set of hair you may need up to 3-4 packs.

The hair is very soft, and if it’s too itchy- wash them with vinegar and water to remove any chemicals. It is perfect for kids, and will not become bothersome after long use. The package comes with the hair and enough beads to syle. Moreover, some customers complained of unnatural feel and appearance.

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Desoar Dreadlocks Extensions

Another high-quality hair for a fraction of the cost, the Desoar is one of the best synthetic dreadlocks extensions. You have the option of dying or straightening the hair with a blow-dryer. What I love about this hair -it blends with every hair type and natural colours.

They mix with already loc hair to help with the growing process. However, you shouldn’t use this to fix thinning in dreadlocks. Always use 100% human hair to repair weak dreadlocks as synthetic hair will soak up water and products and weigh down your locs.

The package contains twelve handmade dreads with the option of customizing the length and colour once you contact the seller. Additionally, they offer regular discounts, a crochet hook and beads for decoration.

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Q And A For Synthetic Extensions

dreadlocks extensions for men

How many packs I’ll need to complete my hair? – You’ll need at least 2-3 packs.
Can I wash the dreadlocks after installation? Yes, you can but, wash it in the morning so the hair will have enough time to dry,
How can I make them softer? Sometimes the hair is stiff but, you can soak them in hot water for 1-2 minutes and allow them to dry.
How long does locs extensions last? They can last 1-3 months depending on the installation method and care.
Can you dye dreadlocks extensions? While you can not put permanent dye in synthetic hair, you can use washout dyes.

All the dreadlocks I mentioned above are below $30 and has amazing sellers that will answer your questions and concerns. The Aosome offers more hair and by far the longest of the bunch but, the Dasame caters for men style.

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