How Do You Put Dreadlock Extensions In Short Hair?

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Installing dreadlocks extension into short hair can be tricky at times, but once you have the right tools, you can achieve this. Even if you have incredibly short hair you can still do a basic double-end install. In this post, I’ll give you a guide to installing dreads into short hair.

Dreads are a great way to change up your style, or for a spiritual journey. Adding permanent human dreadlocks extension to your hair should be treated like dreadlocks. Because of the connection between your hair and the extension will become one and mature.

How to Install Synthetic Dreadlocks on Short Hair?

short hair dreads extension
  • Part your hair into sections.
  • Use water and gels to help control your section.
  • Split your section into two separate pieces. (optional for small dreads parts)
  • Position your deadlock extension in place with the bent at the top.
  • Then wrapped the two sections around the dreadlocks.
  • Smooth them out as best as you can.
  • Take a rubber band and ponytail your hair together around the dreadlocks.
  • Take another rubber band and secure the leg of the ponytail to the lower half of the dreadlocks.
  • Depending on the length of your hair, you may need to use more rubber bands.
  • Continue wrapping your rubber bands so you have secured all of your lower hairs.

The Best Synthetic hair to use is AOSOME 20Inch 20pcs/pack.

How To Install Faux Locs On Short Natural Hair?

dreadlocks extension

This is the easiest way to install Faux locs into short hair, you can try braiding your hair before but for super short hair the extension wouldn’t secure.

  • Part your hair in the desired section and place your hair in rubber-bands in each section.
  • In the middle of the rubber-bands crochet the Faux extensions into each section.
  • Then add your hair into the length of the Faux.
  • Now, if your hair is to short to twist into the locs, use a little of Marley’s hair and twist it around the roots until your hair is hidden.

The Best Faux Locs extension to use is the Karida Faux locs.

How To Install Human Dreadlocks Extension Into Short Hair?

With human hair dreadlocks extensions, you’ll need to have two-four packs(depending on the thickness of your dreads) of human hair.

  • Part your hair into the desire section.
  • To the ends of your hair connect the extension and your hair with a dreadlocks crochet hook.
  • Line up the extension to your hair and place the hook into the extension, pulling your hair in the extension.
  • You’ll notice the extension is connecting to the locs.
  • Wash your hair, then re-twist your hair as you’ll do with dreadlocks.

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Adding dreadlocks Extension In Straight Hair

The trick to adding dreadlocks extension to straight hair is- to ends of your hair you are connecting the extension to, you must backcomb it first.

For permanent hair you must backcomb until you have reached the 1/2 inch from the roots and connect the dreads with a dreadlocks crochet tool.

  • Firstly, part your hair into the desired individual section.
  • Make sure the thickness of your hair is the same as the thickness of the extension.
  • Add rubber bands to your hair.
  • Cut the tip of the extension.
  • Line up the extension to your hair and place the hook into the extension, pulling your hair in the extension.
  • When it’s connected, use a smaller hook and crochet the loose hair into the dreads.
  • For neatness, palm roll the section where you just connected.
  • Remove the rubber bands.

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Now, that you have read, it is a bit easy to add dreadlocks extension to your short hair. With permanent dreads remember you’ll have to wait some month for your roots and the area with the connection to mature.

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