The Best Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions- Buyers Guide

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For permanent dreadlocks extension, you’ll want the best hair, as the process itself is very expensive. If you don’t want to lock loose extensions, buying them ready-made can cost up to $50- $100 for twenty strands of locs.
The loose hair will make the same amount of locs but as I mentioned above, it is very painful and time-consuming. In this post, I’ll give you the best human hair you can use to create permanent dreadlocks extensions.

Three Packs Of FASHION IDOL Afro Kinkys Bulk Human Hair

loose hair dreadlocks extensions

With hundreds of reviews, the Fashion idol has a reputation for producing quality kinky hair. These extensions are 100% human hair contains three packs and has a full set of bundles. Further, the hair is soft and easy to separate without leaving single pieces out.

To complete a full head of locs, you’ll need two packages. Fashion idol has a variety of lengths from 10 to 22 inches. The packaging is very stable, which is perfect since you don’t have to worry about damage hair during shipping.

The extensions will blend with your hair and not too coarse to crochet. After purchase, you can contact the seller with questions on styling, installations and maintenance. Also, you are given a one-month free trial which I love.

Package Contains three Bundle of hair, crochet hook and beads for decoration.

Buy The Fashion Idol Hair.

YONNA 100% Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions

Yonna has soft and natural-looking dreadlocks. I have done a review on the synthetic hair and I must say I love every inch of these dreadlocks extensions. The customer service is amazing and they will answer all your questions. Moreover, the hair is dreaded already so you don’t have to do it yourself or paying extra for installation.

The seller advises, if the hair is too stiff you can soak it in hot water to soften the hair. But, I love the overall natural kinky texture. These extensions are 100% human hair so you can dye it, however, you should have a good idea of dyeing extensions.

Yonna dreadlocks extensions help grow your natural locked hair, repair damage locs without weighing down your hair. It is one of the best hair to use for dreadlocks.

See Price For the extensions.

Dsoar 100% Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions

100% human hair dreadlocks

The Desor hair is a popular brand for dreadlocks extensions. Gunther Da Great did a comparison between this extension and synthetic hair. He said the hair is very soft and light: this is a plus, with human hair extensions.

What I love about this hair the ends are tight and you don’t have to go in with your crochet hook to fix. Also, there are no loose hair poking out of the dreads and has a natural blend. You can request personal customizations which is an amazing feature encase you don’t want to take the chance of dying and damaging the hair yourself.

Dsoar is not limited to Afro kinky hair alone, you can purchase straight hair dreadlocks extensions with the same features.

See Price of the kinky loc or straight dreads extensions.

How To Make Straight Human Dreadlocks Extensions?

Making human hair extension requires the similar process of dreading straight hair. You can use the backcombing or the rip and twist technique.

Items needed:

  • Human Hair.
  • Backcomb.
  • Scissors.
  • Crochet Hook.


  1. Fold the hair extension until it’s four layers of thickness.
  2. Secure the hair.
  3. Then, backcomb the extensions with your metal tooth comb.
  4. Backcomb in small strokes as this give you more control.
  5. After you can use the crochet hook to tidy up the loose hair.

How To Make Human Dreadlocks Extensions With Kinky Hair?

Afro kinky hair requires crocheting the hair into a loc.

Items needed:

  • Afro kinky hair.
  • Crochet Hook.


  1. Separate the hair.
  2. Leave three inches of the top and begin crocheting.
  3. The inches on top will connect your hair to the extensions.
  4. Crochet in and out then rotate.
  5. Continue this process until the extensions are locked.

Human Dreadlocks Extensions Q and A

Are dreadlocks extensions permanent?

Yes, depending on the hair and the method dreadlocks extension can be permanent. With 100% human hair and the crochet method to connect your hair, this can last 5-10 years or more. However, synthetic hair lasts up to 2-5 years until your natural locs has grown to a manageable length. Wrapping braided hair with synthetic hair will last 1-2 months since this method is temporary.

How do you put in dreadlocks extensions?

For semi-permanent dread locs you can crochet the hair to your hair to connect the extensions. I have a guide for short hair that can help you also, YouTube has helpful resources on this topic.

Do dreadlocks extensions fall out?

Yes, dreadlocks extensions can fall out as a result of poor installation. With human hair, dreadlocks can fall out after hair dye, poor care and chipping of the hair.

Can you swim with dread extensions?

Yes, you can swim with dreadlocks extensions if crochet to your hair securely it will not fall out. After years of having hair extensions it will lock with your hair, and you’ll have no problem in this area. However, wait until 3-6 months before swimming with your hair or use a swim cap to protect your hair before six months.

Can you wash dread extensions?

Yes, it is important to wash 100% human hair extensions after installation. Also, for synthetic hair, you may have to soak the hair in hot water to soften the extensions. For healthy dreadlocks wash dreads once a week.

Dreadlocks extensions require washing and the same maintenance you’ll do for dreadlocks. Remember it is human hair so it will behave as such.

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