Can You Use Synthetic Hair For Dreadlocks Extensions?

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Synthetic hair would not be the first choice when choosing dreadlocks extensions but, it’s one of the cheapest alternatives to human hair. Human hair extension can cost up to $400-$500 for the hair alone, and if you can’t install them yourself then, it’s an extra &500-$800.

 Using synthetic hair is a short-term fix so your hair can grow with the extensions. After you can cut them off when you are satisfied with the length. There are a few pros and cons to using synthetic hair for dreadlocks extension, and in this post, I’ll highlight them as well as “how-to guide” to locking synthetic hair.

The Pros And Cons to Synthetic Hair For Dreadlocks Extensions


  • Cheap– Marley hair cost at least $5.99 per pack compared to human hair and you can get 20-25 locs per pack.
  • Availability– You can find Marley hair at every beauty or online hair retailer store also, they’re a lot of colours available.
  • Reuse Hair– You can take out the synthetic dreads- shampoo, blow-dry and crochet the hair back into your head.
  • Natural-looking- The hair looks natural on your head.


  • HeavySynthetic hair is very heavy, as it soaks up water and other products.
  • Itchy-It sometimes is very itchy but, you can soak them in water and vinegar to remove the chemicals from the hair.
  • Course-Synthetic hair is courser than human hair however, you can drip them in boiling water to soften them up.
  • Stick together–After crocheting, they may stick together so I recommend you use 5mm crochet needle and lock them tighter.

How To Make Dreadlocks With Synthetic Hair?

Product Needed: 5mm Crochet Hook and 2-3 packs of Marley hair.

  • Take two strands of the hair.
  • Place your two fingers into the hair and interlock.
  • Then, take an end of the extension and fold it over.
  • While you are inserting the crochet needle in and out the extension, twist the hair.
  • Continue this technique down the locs however, leave a piece loose so, the hair can connect with a crochet needle.

Synthetic hair is an alternative to human dreadlocks extensions, while in some hair you may not see the differences in others you can tell it’s synthetic. If this is an option for you, then the Marley hair is an excellent hair to use when creating dreads extensions.

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