The Pros And Cons Of Dreadlocks & Microlocs

The Pros And Cons Of Dreadlocks

Are you thinking of installing traditional or microlocs in your hair? Let’s face it, there are many reasons people have dreadlocks. Some may want to increase their spiritual connection, the style, the natural process, minimize combing, etc. No matter the cause, dreadlocks are an amazing journey to experience. Therefore, here are the pros and cons … Read more

Where Can You Get Clip-on Dreadlocks?

Where Can You Get Clip-on Dreadlocks?

If you want to try dreadlocks but don’t want the commitment of the style, then a clip-on dreadlock is the best choice. Compared to the regular dreadlock extensions, you don’t have to go through the lengthy task of crocheting them. These dreadlocks are great for people who are looking for an easy take on dreads. … Read more

How to Reattach Dreads? Tips and Tricks

How to Reattach Dreads?

Reattaching dreadlocks are getting more popular these days, one of my closes friend cut off her dreads because she wanted a change. However, after wearing braids for a month, she missed her dreads and reattach them. When she was finished, it looks so amazing and if you meet her, you wouldn’t notice any difference. Dreadlocks … Read more

Can Dreadlocks Cause Headaches And Neck Pain?

Do dreadlocks cause headache

One of my earliest memories with dreadlocks were the headaches after a fresh retwist. There were some instances where putting my hair in a ponytail was painful. However, not everyone experiences headaches with dreadlocks; you and I are the unlucky ones. Headaches are a dull or intensive pain you experience in different areas of your … Read more

Thin Vs Thick Dreadlocks Which Is The Best?

There is no one fit at all with dreadlocks, even if you have planned out your style it does not always look the way you wanted. However, you have a choice of whether to have thin or thick locs. With maintained dreadlocks, your decision is made before installing your locs. Your loctician will ask you … Read more

Beardlocks- A Guide To Getting beard dreadlocks

It may seem unbelievable, but you can get beardlocks if you don’t comb your beard. This style has been around for centuries and 3-10 people with dreadlocks have beardlocks. But, what is beardlocks as well as how to get and maintained them to look the way you wanted? As the name suggests, beard dreadlocks are … Read more

Will Straight Hair Dread Naturally?Answered

will straight hair dreads naturally

If you don’t comb/brush your hair, it will dread naturally no matter the hair type. However, people with courser hair will lock faster than straighter hair with a bit of patience, you can lock your hair naturally. Having natural/free-form dreads mean you must do little to no manipulation these include no re-twisting, combing/brushing, no gels … Read more

Can White People Have Dreadlocks?

dreading white hair

Yes, white people can have dreadlocks in fact, if you don’t brush or comb your hair in time it will dread on it’s own. To some, wearing dreadlocks is a styling decision, a religious statement, or a lifestyle change. It is now an acceptable hairstyle amongst people in the entertainment business and all walks of … Read more

Sisterlocks Tips-Here’s What You Need To Know

Sisterlock process

Sisterlocks is a hairstyle where a Sisterlocks consultant locks your hair in a specific pattern using a small tool that creates that pattern. They are created using no wax or styling gel because African- American has texture hair which allows the patterns to stay. The pattern allows hair to lock and touch up is required … Read more

How To Make Congo Dreads or Separate them?

congo dreads

Congo dreads are two or more dreads fuse to create one. You would notice the dread fusions at the roots, however, at the ends, the dreads will separate like spider legs. Congo dreads are popular amongst people with free-form dreads since they don’t control the way their dreads are grown. Some people love congo and … Read more