How To Get Wicks Dreadlocks? Kodak Black Dreads

Originated in Florida, wick dreadlocks are a popular but unique way to create dreads. They are very thick and can range from 4 to 10 locs on your head. You may have seen this style on the famous rapper Kodak Black who took these dreads to the mainstream. Celebrities have a tremendous influence on the way we dress and our hair so, this isn’t a surprise that wick dreads took roots in the locs culture.

However, the wicks style should not be confused with congos as they are different. Congos are formed naturally or deliberately by combining two or more dreads at the roots, leaving 3 inches of the ends out to create a spider legs appearance. One of the best examples of congos is Jay Z dreads. While with wick dreads, there is no separation and has a round shape to the ends. Furthermore, one of the best parts of creating wicks is the freedom to develop your style, as there is no one way to have them.

Dreadlocks help separate us from the crowd. Therefore, it is easy to personalize and manufacture your identity, and with the wick style of the dreadlocks, the sky is the limit. Below is a simple guide to the wick dreadlocks. This post is perfect for people who would like to have this type of dread.

How To Make Wick Dreadlocks?

Previously, we have explored the definition of wicks, but how can you get these dreadlocks? Because you are using already establish dreadlocks, the process is faster than having to wait for new dreads to lock. People with an afro and curlier hair type will discover that making wicks are simpler than persons with straight hair. Moreover, one of the biggest problems is figuring out how many wicks to have on your head.

Making Wick Dreadlocks Using the Rubberband Method

Most people have four locs while others have 6-12; it solely depends on your creativity and how you want your hair to look. A popular technique for getting wicks is using the rubber band method. But many people have frowned on this way. Chances are you can leave the rubber band in your hair too long, causing your hair to grow around it. Take four or more (depending on your dreads thickness) locs and wrap rubber bands around them to the end.

A common question newbies ask is how long should you keep rubber bands in your dreads? For 3 weeks to a month.

The Crochet Method

With the crochet needle, wicks occur instantly. Unlike the rubber band method, there is no waiting for your hair to combine. Start by choosing how much you’ll like on your head. Then, use rubber bands to secure the locs, and with your crochet hook us the in and out motion to pull the frizz to the top of your dreads. Have a look at the video below @Tashuanity3LT explanation is straightforward and will have you making wick dreadlocks in no time.

The Freeform Mehod

Yes, wicks can grow freeform as well. We all know what freeform dreads entails: allowing your hair to lock on its own with little to no manipulation. However, if you notice your dreads growing into one big loc, separate them so they can look the way you want them.

A great tip; is to have your wicks the same size as it makes the style look more uniform.

How To Wash and Care For Wick Dreadlocks?

Wash your wick the way you’ll do with any dreadlocks. Use residue-free shampoo and pay attention to the roots and along the loc. To maintain healthy dreadlocks, wash your hair once for the week or twice for the month depending on your tolerance. Do not wait until your hair is extra dirty or itches to wash as build-up can cause the rubber band to bust faster or lost in your hair. Remember to take care of your scalp by moisturizing and sleeping with a silk hair tie.

When drying your hair after washing, you can either use a towel, air dry, or blow dryer. However, with the rubber band method, stay away from heat as it can melt the band, further infusing it into your dreads. With wicks, using rosewater daily is essential because they help with hair growth and conditions locs.

How To Retighten Wicks Dreadlocks?

It is possible to retighten wicks by again using more rubber bands or crochet the roots together. To begin, wash hair and dry, then with aloe vera gel (for neatness), take a rubber band, and tie the roots. For crochet, use the method from the YouTube video above, which will tighten up your wicks even faster.

How To Get Kodak Black Dreadlocks?

When Kodak Black had wicks, they were beautiful, but they were cut off. Yet that didn’t stop people from copying his style, the size or parts. With undreaded hair or mature locs, try to have the same thickness and part as Kodak dreadlocks- you can find pictures online or his Instagram account as a guide. Use rubber bands to hold the roots and crochet the end so they look like small dreaded Bantu knots.

Remember to remove the rubber band after 3-4 weeks to prevent the bands from locking together with your hair. Also, make a note of how many rubber bands are in your hair, so you don’t forget any.

To Recap

Wick dreadlocks are very thick dreadlocks with a round end. They are unique, and not everyone looks the same. Similarly, remember to take care of your hair like you would do any dreadlocks; wash and moisturize regularly. More importantly, enjoy the journey and the compliment you’ll get from total strangers.

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