How do you do Bantu knots with dreads?

Bantu Knots are coil buns pinned together in multiple sections. It is a traditional African style and can last up to two weeks. Because the roots of your hair are wrapped and covered, you can increase the gap between re-twists and achieve barrel curls after removing the knots. To do so, carefully remove any pins … Read more

How To Get Jonathan Davis Dreads And Jason Momoa Dreadlocks?

How To Get Jonathan Davis Dreads And Jason Momoa Dreadlocks?

Having dreadlocks is a great way to express yourself, and these celebrities have done just that. While they have both different styles of dreads Jonathan Davis and Jason Momoa have one thing in common, they have developed dreadlocks from straight hair. I have reviewed a few celebrities’ dreads in the past, however; I wanted to … Read more

What Are The Difference Between Faux Locs And Goddess locs?

Difference Between Faux Locs And Goddess locs

Faux locs is an excellent style that protects your natural hair from breakage, brushing and the elements. Because you don’t have to comb your hair for at least four weeks, your natural hair will have ample time to grow. There are so many versions of the faux style, some people may not know the difference … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Faux Locs?

faux locs

Faux locs is an excellent alternative for people who what to have dreadlocks without having to make the permanent decision. It is also a brilliant way to switch up your look and protect your natural hair in the process. If you are thinking of installing them, there are different types of faux locs these include; … Read more

How Many Double-Ended Dreads For a full head?

double ended dreadlocks

Calculating how much double-ended dreads you’ll need for a full head depends on two factors; the size of the dreads and the thickness of your hair. Some people have thick hair and require more dreadlocks to complete. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. The size of the dreads also … Read more

How To Moisturize Faux Locs? Easy To Follow Guide

faux locs moisturize

With protective styles, we tend to slow down on our moisturizing regime. It is important to keep our hair and scalp moisturized to prevent dryness. Because under the style, your natural hair still exists. With many black celebrities rocking faux locs, you may wonder whether to get this style your self. While not much is … Read more

5 Easy Faux Locs Crochet Styles You Must Try

Faux locs dreads

Dreadlocks are such a beautiful and low maintenance way to wear your hair, whether it’s for spiritual or style it is part of a rich culture. Crochet Faux locs, a child of dreads is super easy to install and style because it’s not as stiff as the Marley or Kanekalon extensions. You can also experiment … Read more