How To Get Jonathan Davis Dreads And Jason Momoa Dreadlocks?

Having dreadlocks is a great way to express yourself, and these celebrities have done just that. While they have both different styles of dreads Jonathan Davis and Jason Momoa have one thing in common, they have developed dreadlocks from straight hair. I have reviewed a few celebrities’ dreads in the past, however; I wanted to continue this trend by looking at two persons at a time.

Let’s begin with, Jonathan Davis dreads.

Jonathan Davis Dreads

Jonathan Davis has grown his dreadlocks for at least 20 years, so they are mature. After looking at his pictures from when he first started, I would agree that he started with Freeform dreads. The roots of his hair have no parting system and have maintained its loose hair pattern, therefore, that’s another sign that he had begun with the neglected method.

If you are considering his style of dreads, allow your hair to take shape without the use of any re-twisting methods like interlocking or palm rolling. Don’t use any styling or locking gel and keep products at minimal like moisturising your hair with homemade natural oils. This will prevent your scalp and hair from drying out. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, then you’ll know that the looser your curl pattern is, the longer your hair will take to lock.

With the neglected method, washing your hair regularly is very important since your starter dreads may not lock the way you wanted. So, I recommend to use Dollylocks Products; they are rich in all-natural ingredients and are residue-free

Jason Momoa Dreadlocks

Born in the tropical climate of Hawaii, Jason Momoa lived in the ideal place for dreads. A sunny area is an amazing place to have dreadlocks, and I am happy to say I live in the Caribbean. His hair looks like there were parted sections, so it appeared he had semi-freeform dreadlocks. With semi-free form, there is some upkeep, and sometimes, people will visit a loctician 1-2 times for the year.

Jason has very thick hair. As a result, he had thick dreadlocks and if you look at the growth; he had been growing his hair for years, so they were in its mature stage. With dreadlocks, without patience, it is a difficult hairstyle to maintained especially in the early stages, You will experience unravelling, stunted growth, and the popular “ugly stage”.

He had very iconic dreadlocks and few people can achieve his style of locs. My advice to you is to section your hair, ensure that your parting system is thick after allow your hair to lock on its own. But more importantly, patience is the key.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have dreadlocks anymore, but that is not a bad thing, as he has left his mark on the dreadlocks community allowing many to follow in his footsteps.

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