How Many Double-Ended Dreads For a full head?

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Calculating how much double-ended dreads you’ll need for a full head depends on two factors; the size of the dreads and the thickness of your hair. Some people have thick hair and require more dreadlocks to complete. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

The size of the dreads also help determines how much hair you’ll need.

Dreadlocks come in many sizes however, there are five categories you’ll find them in:

  • Micro dreads 3-5mm.
  • Thin dreads- 5-7mm
  • Medium size-8-12mm.
  • Thick dreads- 12-25mm
  • Extra Thick Dreads 25+mm

These are estimates as there is no standard size, especially when you make them at home. Additionally, with double-side dreadlocks, many people measure there size with tools you’ll find at home. For instances, pen (thin dreads), sharpie (medium-thick dreads) and highlighter (thick).

How Much Double Ended Dreads You’ll Need For A Full Head?

double-ended dreadlocks

Now, that you know that the size of your head and the thickness of your dreadlocks are the two–factors that determine how much double ended dreadlocks you’ll need. So, here some of my calculations.

Micro dreadlocks–You may need an approx 80-100 micro dreadlocks to complete your hair for smaller head close to 70.

Thin dreadlocks–For a full head of thin dreads, you may need at least 50-80 dreads.

Thick and Extra-thick dreads–With thick dreadlocks, 45-50 dreadlocks will complete a full head and for extra thick dreadlocks 30-40.

Again this is an estimate, but always play it safe when ordering dreadlocks. It is better to have two extra than missing two dreadlocks in your hair.

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