What Are The Different Types Of Faux Locs?

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Faux locs is an excellent alternative for people who what to have dreadlocks without having to make the permanent decision. It is also a brilliant way to switch up your look and protect your natural hair in the process.

If you are thinking of installing them, there are different types of faux locs these include; the regular faux locs, crochet, distressed goddess, butterfly faux love and bohemian faux locs. It is a temporary style that protects your natural hair from the elements and is known for its low maintenance qualities.

However, it still requires special care by natural oils and leave-in conditioners. I have a post dedicated for faux locs night care and a moisturizing regime that will help you. Furthermore, each style of faux locs requires different synthetic hair and installation.

The Different Types Of Faux Locs

Regular Faux Locs

The regular faux locs are much more natural looking and it is very time-consuming but it’s worth it in the end. You’ll first need to box braids and wrap the braids with kanekalon hair or marley to achieve a dreadlocks appearance.

The Modern Queen is the perfect hair for wrapping, it has a smooth texture and doesn’t shed. Further, it looks and feels like human hair and it is not to heavy on your head which is one of the problems you may face with faux locs.

Crochet Faux Locs

Crochet faux locs is easy to achieve and takes up half the time you’ll need for the regular faux locs but it is not as realistic. With crochet faux locs the hair is pre-wrap and there are two ways you can install them; (cornrows and crochet) or (box braided and crochet then twist in your natural hair into the locs).

The Youngther Natural Faux Locs is easy to install and doesn’t unravel, which is a common issue with pre-wrapped hair. It comprises six-packs of hair which can fill your entire head with plenty of leftovers to spare. Similarly, it is soft and has a natural look and feel. The Youngster crochet faux locs in one of my favourite go-to hair.

Distressed Faux Locs

Similar to the regular faux locs method, however, it is a different hair and it not as smooth. The difference in wrapping hair is very important if you want to try this look- instead of Marley hair, you will need the spring twist.

The process includes box braiding your hair, then wrapping it with the spring twist. A great hair to use is the Beyond Beauty hair, it does not shed and remain in its coil form. Many people have praised this brand of hair for its soft and shiny appearance.

Goddess Faux locs

Like the distressed and regular faux, it requires the same method for installation but, instead of the seal ends, the goddess has wavy ends. There is a crochet version of this style like the AISI BEAUTYwho gives you enough locs to complete a full head. It features soft and lightweight hair that will last longer and doesn’t unravel.

For the goddess style, you must box braid your hair and crochet both the Marley hair and the Freetress Braid Deep Twist 22. By wrapping the Marley hair over your box braid and deep twist, this method cuts the time in half.

Bohemian Faux Locs

Boho Faux locs are messy, it’s doesn’t follow the uniformed look of the regular locs however, distressed locs can categorize as bohemian. To turn your faux locs into boho you can insert the deep twist along the length of the locs.

One of the easiest bohemian faux locs influence I’ve seen were from Jan Thea Tv her take on the style was one of the fastest and simplest guides to follow.

Butterfly Faux Locs

Butterfly locs feature a very distressed look. Therefore, you’ll need packs of deep wave hair for wrapping. The process includes braiding your hair. Then crochet the unravel hair at the roots of each braid and wrap the hair to create the style. Butterfly locs already have a distressed look, so they require little maintenance. However, you’ll need to wrap your hair at night and moisturize your natural hair under.

Above is a guide to help you achieve the butterfly look, it is super easy to complete.

There are different types of faux locs so, before installing identify which of the locs you want.

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