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How To Moisturize Faux Locs? Easy To Follow Guide

faux locs moisturize

With protective styles, we tend to slow down on our moisturizing regime. It is important to keep our hair and scalp moisturized to prevent dryness. Because under the style, your natural hair still exists.

With many black celebrities rocking faux locs, you may wonder whether to get this style your self. While not much is done with maintenance, faux locs still require the necessary steps of moisturizing however, you should not get thick creams/oils to the length of your locs. This will weight down the hair since synthetic hair absorbs products in turn, causes buildup.

How do you moisturize faux locs- By continuing your scalp treatment with leave-in conditioners, growth oils and for the length of your locs, you can apply mousse( optional); for extra neatness.

Leave-In Conditioners

While most common faux locs moisturizing session relies on regular oil treatment, you can still add a light leave-in conditioner.

A good leave-in conditioner reduces the appearance of dry scalp and dandruff. The Alikay Naturals is an excellent conditioner: it has an easy application spray bottle, very light-weight and doesn’t leave any buildup.

To use on your locs: apply throughout the roots of your hair, make sure you evenly spray on your scalp. This conditioner adds an extra layer of moisture to your hair but, you should not apply this product to the length of your faux.

It is a bit thick and will weight down your hair, putting too much stress on your scalp and hairline-eventually leading to hair loss.

Growth Oils Or Homemade Oil Treatments

Growth oil has many qualities that nourish and strengthen your hair, leaving your scalp feeling and smelling amazing. Essentials and carrier oils such as coconut and peppermint oil soothe dandruff and dry scalp, which is a common problem associated with protective styles.

A mixture of argan, avocado, peppermint and vitamin E are my go-to homemade oil. There are so many natural oils available you can mix whichever essential and carrier oils to suit your personal scalp needs. If you don’t want DIY, the DOO GRO growth oil is one of my favourites I choose to feature the anti-itch option because I suffer from excessive dry scalp.

To use- again apply to your scalp and massage the oil gently into the roots of your hair. I find using an applicator bottle makes the process so much easier.

Moisturizing Your Hair Under The Faux Locs

Your hair under the faux locs need moisturizing as well, products like Cantu Coil Calm Detangler softens your hair. Since styles like Faux, locs makes it harder for products to penetrate your hair. Giving the locs a little squee so the detangler can reach your natural hair to work its magic.

Adding mousse to the length of the faux loc help tame the frizz and if you have curls to the end prevent them from sticking together. The Design Essential mousse infuses with almond, avocado and olive oil defines curls and reduce frizz.

Use these products before bed to hydrate your scalp and hair, then cover your hairline with a silk scarf and a large bonnet.

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