Is Avocado oil good for dreadlocks? And Its Benefits

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Like Olive oil, avocado oil is best known as a cooking oil however, if applied to your scalp it has many benefits. While it’s not the first choice when choosing the best oils for dreads, it is still an excellent carrier oil when mixing oils for your moisturizing regiment.

Avocado oil comes from the processed pulp of avocados, it is high in fat and is a natural oil to use on your scalp. This oil is very thick, as a result, it may attract lint and dust to your dreads, that’s why the best way to use these oils is to apply it directly to the scalp.

Why Use Avocado Oil For Your Dreads

Your scalp produces natural oils to reduce breakage, but sometimes due to environmental factors or uneven balance can make your hair and scalp dry.

Because avocado oil is high in monosaturated fat, it penetrates the hair, preventing brittle, dry dreads and scalp. Oils high in fatty acid, like coconut oil and olive oil, reduce the appearance of dandruff and flaky scalp.

Avocado oil protects hair from damage from environmental factors like the sun. Dreads are prone to sun damage, which leaves your dreads dry and brittle.

My favorite brands

Avocado Oil Hot Oil Treatment At Home

Avocado hot oil treatment

Products needed

Avocado oil.

Oilve Oil.

Tee Tree Oil.


Sweet Almond oil.


  • Add 4oz of olive oil with a teaspoon of the rest of the oils that I mentioned above.
  • Warm-up oils by placing it in a heat-safe bottle into a bowl of hot water for two minutes.
  • Make sure you test the oil before applying them to your hair.
  • Divide your dreads into four sections and massage the oil mixture to the scalp and locs.
  • Cover dreads with a plastic cap.
  • Leave for thirty minutes.

Avocado oil is an all-natural oil that adds shine and moisture to your scalp. While I don’t recommend that you apply it directly to the length of your dreads, it is still full of major benefits for your dreadlocks, especially as an oil added to your hot oil treatment. 

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