Is Coconut Oil Good For Dreads? and How To use It

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Coconut oil moisturize both the skin and hair, but is it good for dreads? It depends on two factors- where you live and where you apply it. It’s important to understand how oil behaves since it will behave the same way in your locs. Because virgin coconut oil solidifies in low temperatures when applied to your dreads it can make your hair stiff and attract lint.

Traping these particles inside the solid oil in your hair, compared to high-temperature which turns coconut oil into its liquid state, leaving your hair feeling soft and shiny. While there are many oils to use in dreads, coconut oil may not be the best option for people who live in cold areas. Since I live in the Caribbean, my dreads love coconut oil and I haven’t had a bad experience with it.

The Best Way To Use Coconut Oil In Dreads

The best way to use coconut oil is to apply only to the scalp, and not to your dreads. The heat your scalp produce will keep coconut oil into its liquid state at all times. The Organicfiji claims that body heat is one of the best ways to increase coconut oil temperature. Also, hair type doesn’t determine whether coconut oil dry or soften hair since Leisa Timms massages this oil into dreads and has reaped only the benefits.

If you apply coconut oil to your dreads and it solidifies “Do not panic”. Wash your hair with Clarify shampoo and use rosewater or jojoba oil instead. However, for those whose dreads loves coconut oil; here are some benefits of using this oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

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  • Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and prevents dandruff.
  • It detoxifies and moisturizes the scalp, protecting your hair from the elements or any damaging impurities.
  • Coconut oil contains fatty acid that binds to protein in your hair, strengthens the roots to prevent breakage.
  • This oil improves circulation to the scalp, in turn, supplying your scalp with the oxygen and nutrients needed for hair growth.
  • They contain vitamin E and K that leaves your hair feeling soft.
  • Coconut oil contains Linoleic acids which help hydrates hair and prevent breakage.

How To apply Coconut Oil To Your Scalp

Mix coconut oil with warm water into a spray bottle and apply them directly to the scalp or mix the coconut water with a cocktail of other oils for additional benefits. A mixture with rosewater is one of the best ways to soften and moisturize dreads. For more information on rosewater benefits for dreads check out my detail post on it.

Recommended Coconut Oil For Dreadlocks

While coconut oil isn’t the best oil for your dreads, it affects people who live in colder areas or winter leaving their hair stiff. It isn’t a problem for those who live in warm places since it remains in its liquid state. Further, coconut oil moisturize my scalp and helps control my dandruff.

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