Is Rosewater Good For dreads? And It’s Benefits

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If you are wondering if rose water good for dreads? The answer is yes! It has been around since ancient Egypt times as a beauty ritual for the hair and skin. Rosewater is a natural mixture that moisture your dreads and promotes hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp.

You don’t have to buy rose water this very second as the added preservatives found in some of these products are not suitable for your locs. However, you can make yours at home. This isn’t a surprise…….. since the best hair moisturizes we make in our kitchen. If you don’t want to make your own, rosewater is affordable and is available at your local health stores or at

Making rose water is as simple as mixing it with distilled water in a spray bottle and applying it to your hair daily. By doing this, you are hydrating your dreads while giving them a mild rose scent. Before I outline the steps of how to make your rosewater here are some benefits.

Benefits of Rose Water For Dreads

  • Balance pH of hair and skin– This helps maintain the natural pH of your dreads and prevents the growth of fungi, bacteria, and keep the scalp healthy.
  • Hydrates, moisture, and Conditions Locs– Rosewater give your locs the moisture needed, especially with starter locs, and prevents brittle dreads.
  • Treat Dandruff and Scalp Inflammation- Dandruff is a common issue and is difficult to control, especially if you are washing your hair every two weeks or sometimes once a month. By applying rosewater daily, keep your dandruff under control.
  • Stimulating Circulation- By using rosewater, you can boost the circulation of your scalp, in turn, promoting hair growth.
  • Natural to mix with other oils or Glycerin- Drips of your favorite essential oil such as peppermint oil or Castro oil gives your rosewater added nutrients.
rose water for dreads

How To Make Your Rosewater

Items Needed

  • Fresh Rose.
  • Distilled Water.
  • Pot.
  • Spray Bottle.
  • Mug.
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Large Bowl
  • Glycerin(optional)

Follow The Steps

Step 1- Take your rose and remove the petals. The easiest way is to pull the rose from the stem, and the leaves will fall off.

Step 2- Place the mug in the middle of the pot and put all the rose petals in with the mug. It’s vital to put the roses first so you wouldn’t dilute the roses by putting too much water.

Step 3- Cover the petals with enough water, however, do not saturate the petals. Lift the cup a little so water can settle under the bowl.

Step 4- Then, put the ceramic bowl on top of the mug and cover the pot, turn on the stove and set it on low heat until your rose petals have lost its color (about 20 minutes).

Step 5- You’ll notice the distilled/rose water is in the ceramic bowl that was placed on top of the mug while the regular rose water is in the pot. You’ll want to strain out the petals.

There are two types of rose water you’ll receive when doing this technique:

The clear distilled waters come from the condense solution that drips from the cover to the ceramic bowl. The second rose water is from the petals pigment of the roses.

The best rose water to use on your dreads is the clear, potent distilled water. Place this mixture in a two-ounce spray bottle with ten drops of Glycerin.

Mixing Rosewater With Other Essential Oils

Mixing rosewater with other essential oils adds further nutrients to your dreads. Popular mixtures include coconut and rosewater, Jamaican Castro Oil and rosewater and peppermint and rosewater. If you have ever used these essential oils in your hair, then you’ll know some have a bad smell. The rosewater masks the scent and creates a functioning homemade moisturizer for your dreadlocks.

Coconut Oil and Rosewater mix

Coconut oil is a natural way to control dandruff and promotes hair growth, and help fight against dreads lice and insect bites. Also, dreadlocks tend to dry out especially after an AV treatment, not to mention it adds a natural shine to your locs, limits hair loss and prevents hair breakage, and dreads split ends.

How To Mix– Add 5-8 drops into your rosewater solution.

Buy coconut oil.

Peppermint And Rosewater

This mix works for people who love to workout or sweat a lot. Peppermint is a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial oil however, don’t use this essential oil in its natural form as it will irritate the scalp. Daily treatment of peppermint oil will promote hair growth by encouraging blood flow to the scalp.

How to Mix -Add three to five drops to your rosewater in a spray bottle.

My Favorite peppermint oil.

Jamaican Castro Oil and Rosewater

Jamaican castor oil for dreads

I’m currently using the Mango and Lime Jamaican castor oil and the smell is overwhelming. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to use this alone in their dreads that’s why I’ve tried this mixture. The rosewater leaves my homemade dreads oil smelling amazing. Plus you can use it for hot oil treatment and wash it out after 15-30 mins.

It does most of the things you’ll expect from natural oils like encourage hair growth, add moisture to the scalp, strengthen and thicken dreads. However, I suffer from extremely dry scalp and mild dandruff and this product work tremendously. I’ve seen a significant change in my dreads and my scalp. Other than Apple cider vinegar, JBCO stops my scalp inching.

How To Mix-  A little goes a long way when using JBCO, apply 5-8 drops to your rosewater mix. My favorite brand of Jamaican Castor Oil is the Mango and Lime.

Rosewater is one of the best natural products you can use on your dreads. The nutrients found alone in RW grow healthy strong locs. You don’t have to buy a branded rosewater, make it at home if you can’t afford it. Similarly, it changes the smell of any essential oil mixture, try using rose water as the base of the mixture and add only 2-8 drops to the rose water for added nutrients.

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