What Hair Should You Use For Your Faux Locs?

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Faux locs is a popular way to create the illusion of dreadlocks. It is a protective style that gives your hair a break from combing. For those who want dreadlocks and haven’t made a decision, you can always add faux to your hair to have an idea of what you’ll look like with dreads.

So, what hair should you use for faux locs? People often use Marley, Kanekalon, human, and yarn hair to create Faux locs. You can also do the crochet method (ready-made Faux locs) which is easier and less time-consuming compared to wrapping your hair.

However, whichever hair you choose whether it’s Marley or Kanekalon each will add a different appearance and texture to your locs. The Marley has a kinky texture and gives your locs natural dreadlocks look while the Kanekalon is smoother and has a glossy appearance. Compared to the yarn which looks and feel fake but it’s the cheapest of the wrapping hair and you’ll have a variety of colours to choose from.

The Marley Hair For Faux Locs

According to Allthingshair Marley is a store brought hair that is made from a synthetic fibre called Kanekalon. It is the perfect blend of fibre and is popular amongst people with coarser hair. As I mentioned above, this hair has a natural appearance and looks similar to dreadlocks.

You can use it to make dreadlocks with a crochet hook and connected to your natural hair to add length and assists with the locking process. After Faux locs installation your hair will feel stiff, but regular styling and wear will soften up the hair. With Marley, the hair is easy to wash and reuse if necessary. Further, a pack of hair can cost $5-$6, with at least three packs needed to complete a full head.

If you are looking for a great brand of Marley hair, the Toyo Tress six-packs will complete your hair with some to spare. The hair is soft, easy to divide and manageable. Customers complain of the chemical smell but you can soak it in an ACV rinse and add a conditioner.

Kanekalon Hair For Faux Locs

Compared to Marley, hair Kanekalon has a straighter texture and appearance. They are less frizzy and will give your locs a neater look. Furthermore, it is made from low-grade acrylic, which is heated and strung into an individual strand of hair. It’s a popular hair for extensions, wigs and weave.

However, when wrap for Faux locs it’s even stiffer than Marley braids. It offers a glossy appearance, and it covers the braids under better. The X Pression is an excellent brand of hair, it’s super soft, has a variety of colours and tangle-free.

Ready-Made Faux Locs

The crochet technique requires read-made faux locs. It is very easy to install and takes half the time of the wrapping method. For installations, your hair is either cornrow or box braided and crochet in like you would do braids.

It is less compact than wrapping your hair with Marley or Kanekalon since you have to twist your hair into the locs after crocheting them. The flexibility allows the locs to style faster and easier than wrap hair. Similarly, it doesn’t put too much pressure on the roots of your hair.

Eliza is very light-weight and simple to install. The package comprises seven packs of hair and you can re-use them.

Above is the popular hair you can use for faux locs. While you can use human or yarn, Marley and Kanekalon is the best hair for locs.

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