Five Beginner’s Short Dreadlocks Styles For Ladies

When starting dreadlocks, most of the times your hair will be very short and can be difficult to handle, especially for beginners. This is the time where you don’t have to retwist your hair often and styling your short dreads can help with the obsession of keeping your hair neat all the time. Depending on your hair texture, regular retwisting can damage your locs during its early stages. However, styling your hair can hide unlock roots and allow your dreadlocks to breathe during lengthy re-twist gaps.

Apart from this post, when looking for easy dreadlock hairstyles places like Pinterest is an excellent resource to find articles and other social media post for dreads styles. This post will feature five of my favorite beginner-friendly short dreadlocks styles for ladies that can help you spice up your hair and add a bit of color with beautiful and patterned hair bands. Using hair tools is minimal as you can use black rubber bands, a spray bottle, and edge control (optional).

Two Cornrows To The Side

The cornrow to the side is a simple style to try. While you will need to learn how to cornrow, it is not as invasive as retwisting your hair. Firstly, you’ll need to part your hair in two sections and add cornrows to the two sides. You can fold the ends in a bun or leave them out. The choice is yours.

Two Dreadlock Pigtails

Another effortless style to achieve, by dividing your hair into two sections. Use a rubber band and gather all the locs from one section add the rubber bands and do the same with the other section. Your hair should look like it is in two ponytails. With this style, ensure your hair is soft so you can manoeuvre it into the ponytail. For additional color, y wrap the ends of your dreads with gold jewellery. This style is great to wear alongside a t-shirt for weekend looks.

Criss-Cross Dreadlocks

For a more professional hairstyle, you can take three locs from the front of your hair and in a criss-cross pattern (left over right) bring those locs until you have reached the back half of your head. Leaving the back section of your hair out will give this style more of a feminine appearance. Plus, providing your hair with much-needed breathing room. Secure the previously criss-cross hair with a bobby-pin or small black rubber band. Do the same wrapping pattern to the sides of your hair and tie the ends to keep them in place. You can also slick down your edges and tie them down with a silk scarf.

Dreadlock Bangs

One of the best things when having extremely short dreadlocks is you can have bangs. You can add bangs by bringing most of your hair to the front of your head. Again to soften dreads, spray your hair with water. Then, bring the other side up and clip it with a bobby pin. Remember to leave the back down for an extra pop.

Bantu Knots With Dreadlocks

Bantu Knots and dreadlocks go hand in hand, as your hair is easy to section and you can secure the hair with rubber bands. My only problem with this style is some people wrap their hair too tight. So ensure your hair is as loose and comfortable. You can twirl each section or two-strand twist again, your choice.

Styling short dreadlocks are super easy to do. All the styles listed above are beginners -friendly and longlasting.

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