10 Popular Goddess Faux Locs Styles Of 2021

In case you’re not ready to commit to dreadlocks, goddess faux locs are the perfect solution. It is an easy and low-maintenance, protective style that can last between 4 to 8 weeks. Already seen on most black celebs, this style is a chic way for anyone interested in testing out dreads while giving their natural hair a break.

Locs are one of the most popular hair trends in fashion, and they’re easy to recreate at home. Channel your inner cool girl with these simple goddess styles. Remember, you can always spice up your look with strings or beads and wrap your hair in different colors.

How to install goddess faux locs crochet?

Below is a YouTube Video to help you install goddess faux locs crochet.

How To Maintain Goddess Locs?

The best part of having faux locs is; they are easy to maintain.

  1. Sleep with a silk bonnet at night.
  2. Remember to moisturize your natural hair under the locs.
  3. With a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water, spritz it to the length of your locs.
  4. Add natural oils to your scalp.
  5.  Hair mousse rejuvenates the curly ends of your hair, so apply a generous amount.

Are Goddess Locs A Good Protective Style?

Yes, goddess locs are the perfect protective style as it protects your natural hair from the elements. If you want a minimum hairstyle try crochet because they are faster to install and easier to remove.

Why is Goddess Faux Locs So Painful?

When you first install goddess faux locs, they can be painful and difficult to sleep with. If this pain lasts over two days, then it’s a sign to remove the locs or try some methods to loosen them up. The boiling water technique can soften the length of the locs, making them feel looser. Also, there are consequences of having your goddess locs install too tight: like premature hair loss or receding hairline.

Can I install goddess faux locs on my short natural hair?

Yes, you can as goddess faux locs require 2 inches of hair.

1. Up And Down

I’m obsessed with goddess locs because they are easy to style, especially if it’s just half up and down. One style I love is the picture above.

2. Bob Goddess Style

You can have a new look with the boho-chic textured locs cut into any bob style. With these, you get to be carefree and cool without having to worry about getting your hair perfect each day.

3. The Love For Buns

If you find yourself looking for alternatives to the typical bun. Try styling your locs into a high jumbo bun. You’ll be surprised by how easy and quick it is.

4. Splashes Of Color With Goddess Faux Locs

Spice up your goddess locs with a splash of color! Adding colors to goddess Locs is cool because you can experiment without damaging your natural hair.

5. Extra Curls

Goddess Locs are faux locs with a twist. Curls give this style an elegant and sexy look that is perfect for any occasion, whether it be to compliment your outfit or just feel like you’re living life on the edge.

6. Summer Goddess Locs

Imagine the feeling of your hair brushing against your neck, the coolness on a warm summer’s day. How would you look with locs like this?

7. Everyday Goddess Locs

This goddess locs scream elegance while still having enough flexibility to wear on a day out with your friends or even at work for that professional look. Moreover, adding jeweled hairpins or clips will make this style stand out and give it a more royal flare without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

8. Divine Goddess Locs

Try out this divine goddess hairstyle. It will make any formal event that much more elegant and special, but don’t worry about showing up looking like just another beauty queen. For an extra glamorous touch, go with half-up hair styled into curls right at your shoulders.

9. Shave Goddess

I love this look because it’s easy to do and has a nice edge.

10. Minimalistic Goddess

If you want a hairstyle that is as minimalistic and chic as it gets, locs are your best bet. Tension can be reduced by wearing them down or up in different ways – one of my favorite looks being sweeping sections over for an effortless like ’10 seconds’ hairstyle. No matter the style, goddess faux locs is royal and chic, and I hope you love these hairstyles above.

Penny Thomas

My name is Penny Thomas, I love blogging, and the founder of HTW dreads. I had dreadlocks for the past tens years. However, I cut my hair off to grow them with natural oils and no wax. Apart from my hair, I love reading and swimming.

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