How To Keep Faux Locs From Sticking Together?

Faux locs are the perfect way to experiment with different hairstyles and textures. Plus, they offer a convenient option for people who want dreadlocks but don’t know how or don’t have time to grow them themselves. Faux locs sticking together is a common problem that appears after burning the ends.

When I first install faux locs a few years ago before my dreadlocks, after looking at installation videos on YouTube a popular option for sealing the ends was burning. However, there are many alternatives to this such as rubber bands, the rolling method, or simply cutting off the burnt ends.

Another way to prevent faux-locs from sticking is to reduce fizz. So in this post, I’m going to help you do just that.

Reduce Faux Locs frizz

If your faux is frizzy, that’s normal, try applying a light moisturizer to them to keep them manageable. Be careful though—too much of it can make your hair even more unmanageable than before.

You can use shea butter-based products. These products are easy on strands because they contain five essentials fatty acids—palmitic, stearic, oleic-linoleic arachidonic—which provide essential nourishment and keep the Marley hair silky smooth.

This tip applies not only to faux-locs but to any type of hair. Cotton fibers rub out and absorb moisture from your hair while you sleep, causing your scalp to become dry. Also, when you toss and turn in bed, friction occurs on the pillowcase, which regularly causes strands to break. They can also increase the frizz in faux locs.

Use Alternatives Instead Of Burning

Use a rubber band to seal the ends of your faux-locs is better than burning. To start, wrap your hair with the Marley hair to the end and then add the band.

You want to wrap the rubber band as many times as possible, so the hair doesn’t fall apart. The rolling method is another great way to keep the faux-locs from sticking together. Again, wrap the Marley hair to the end and roll the ends in with the palm of your hand. While there are chances for detangling, you can always roll the hair back in place.

How To Loosen Faux Locs?

Most of the time, after installation, faux locs are tight on your scalp. When one of my friends had her faux locs, it was difficult for her to sleep the first two nights. But after applying her natural homemade growth oil twice daily, she was able to loosen up her faux locs from the roots. Also, steamy baths or 1 min hair steams; did soften the length of the locs. Another option is the boiling method, where you dip your hair in hot water.

Are crochet faux locs heavy?

No, crochet faux locs are not heavy. When I wanted to change up my hair, I did try the YOUNIQUE Store locs crochet hair; it was lightweight, and I had no problems sleeping. For does who are asking if you can crochet hair when you have dreadlocks, Yes. I cornrow my hair and then added the hair. Below is the tutorial I used.

Can you get faux locs wet?

Yes, you can get your faux locs wet, especially if you want to loosen the hair. However, locs that use the wrapping method can get heavy and stress out your scalp. So I recommend drying your locs as soon as possible. You can also swim and work out with your faux locs but, remember to wear a stretch band and add a scalp cleanse; a mixture of tea tree, peppermint, and the carrier oil grapeseed.

How to wash hair with faux locs?

When washing any protective style, your main concern is your scalp. Use your hands and massage the shampoo and conditioner, to remove any build-up because this is where the sweat, dirt, and product accumulate. Start by sectioning your hair in two, wet, and apply the shampoo to the roots of the first section, then them up and begin adding shampoo to the bottom part.

Do the same with your conditioner. Further, use a towel to dry any wetness from the roots and the locs. When your hair and roots are dry, apply your natural oils and a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner to the length of the faux.

In cases where the ends of your faux locs are burnt, you will first need to wrap a rubber band as close to the top of the burnt part as possible and cut it off. The rubber band will hold the faux-locs in place without you having to reattach them.

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