How Do You Maintain A Faux Locs Goddess?

Faux locs Goddess is a trendy style that millions of people have worn, including celebrities. This chic yet bohemian hairstyle is a temporary solution for those who are not ready to commit to dreadlocks. This low-maintenance style still requires special care to look and function at its best.

Despite the similarities, faux locs and traditional dreadlocks are not the same. Unlike dreadlocks, which last a lifetime, Goddess locs last for 6-8 weeks before they need to be re-twisted or styled around the roots. Here are some tips for caring for faux-Goddess locs from the day they’re installed to the day they’re taken down.

Moisturize Your Hair Underneath

Oils and leave-in conditioners can help to keep your Goddess locs looking fabulous. Applying a natural oil like coconut or jojoba to the scalp will seal in moisture and nourish new growth. A spray bottle with half water and natural oils is the best way to moisturize your hair under the Goddess locs.

Curly hair often has trouble moving oils from roots down past mid-lengths; applying oil before styling may help protect your hair within the synthetic or human extensions. Further, maintain the same moisturizing routine you would have done without the extensions so your scalp will not dry out.

The Edges

Fly-away edges can be a problem, but you don’t have to worry too much about it. It is important not to neglect the hair near the scalp and keep it moisturized with conditioners and oil treatments. You should also avoid wearing tight hairstyles with your faux locs as it can lead to receding hairline and hair loss.

If the edges are left out in purpose for “laying” there is always the choice of using a wet cloth and wipe the product away to reapply the next time.

Sleep With Slik Scalf

The best way to keep faux-locs moist and well-maintained is to replace your cotton pillowcases with satin or silk. Cotton fibers absorb moisture, which causes hair damage at night while you sleep. By using a silky scarf or replacing both the sheet and the cover with soft fabrics like these, prevent frizz.

How long Do Goddess Faux Locs Last?

You can keep your goddess locs for two months, but some people leave their locs longer. When caring for faux locs, it is best to wash your goddess to remove any debris. Dry the hair under a dryer hood or blow dryer. If there is new growth, wrap the loc with small pieces of extensions and repair the loc if necessary.

How To Take Out Goddess Faux Locs?

There are many ways to take out your goddess locs; you can first start by cutting out the ends and unwrap the Marley hair from there. But if your hair is long, there is a risk of cutting your hair. Another way is to twist the locs in the opposite direction until the ends are loosened. After there’s a gap in the hair where you can separate the loc hair from the braid, cut it and begin unwrapping.

Can you dip goddess locs in hot water?

Yes, but it isn’t necessary. Dipping braids in hot water is an effective way to seal the ends and soften the braids. So, will goddess it can help release some of the tension and stiffness after installation.

How to get rid of stiff goddess locs?

It is difficult to move or style your hair when you first install goddess locs, as the wrapping makes the locs so stiff that it is sometimes painful to sleep or move your hair. After doing some research, I found the boiling water method can soften your hair a bit for minimal styling and some relief. However, the most effective way to get rid of stiff goddess locs is time. Also, remember to oil your scalp daily, as this can help with this problem as well.

To recap, maintaining Goddess locs is super easy as it’s a popular low-maintenance hairstyle. Moisturize your hair underneath with a leave-in conditioner, wash locs to reduce the build-up, and apply oils to your scalp.

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