How to Keep Faux Locs From Unravelling?

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Faux locs have grown in popularity and encouraged many extended styles such as butterfly, goddess and destress locs, to name a few. However, like many hairstyles, you can experience unravelling at the roots and the base.

To keep locs from unravelling, seal the wrapping hair with your flat iron. Also, ensure when wrapping the Cuban/Marley hair is overlapping.

People from all walks of life and hair types have worn this style. Faux locs is perfect for people who want to try dreadlocks but don’t want to commit to the style. It is also a protective coat over your natural hair, shielding them from the elements and debris.

In this post, I will feature tips to prevent your faux locs from unravelling.

Why Is Your Faux Locs Unravelling? And How To Fix Them

flat iron on faux locs

One of the biggest mistake when installing faux locs is trying to extend the coverage of the wrapping hair. This can happen if you have run out of the hair, or the braid underneath is too thick or wrapping loosely.

If your faux locs is unravelling at the roots, then you must wrap the Cuban/Marley at least six times before proceeding to cover the rest of your braid.

To fix unravelling hair, push up the loose hair, then spray your locs with a setting spray. After use your flat iron on its lowest setting and pat the loc to secure them. Also, you can remove the hair and re-wrap the Cuban/Marley hair back. Use your flat iron to seal the loc.

A good tip to consider is to avoid sealing the wrapping hair on your natural braid instead, use the flat iron an inch from where your natural hair ends.

How to Keep Faux Locs From Unravelling?

  • Leave approx 6-7 inches Cuban/Marley out when you reach the end and wrap up until you have finished the hair. Then palm roll and seal with a flat iron.
  • Another option to seal the ends is using super glue after you have wrapped up, then palm roll.
  • Overlap when wrapping.
  • Use a tight wrapping technique.

Don’t be alarmed if your faux loc unravels as you can fix them with these simple steps: push up the hair, spritz some holding spray and on its lowest setting pat loc with your flat iron.

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