How To Keep Dreads Healthy And Growing?

How To Keep Dreads Healthy And Growing?

Growing dreadlocks is a lengthy and sometimes painful process, but it’s worth the wait. Having dreadlocks means you can ditch away most of those thick creams and chemicals and try hundreds of different hairstyles. But it also means waiting for your hair to lock, which takes 12-16 months. One of your biggest dreams, when you … Read more

How To Get Wicks Dreadlocks? Kodak Black Dreads

How To Get Wicks Dreadlocks? Kodack Black Dreads

Originated in Florida, wick dreadlocks are a popular but unique way to create dreads. They are very thick and can range from 4 to 10 locs on your head. You may have seen this style on the famous rapper Kodak Black who took these dreads to the mainstream. Celebrities have a tremendous influence on the … Read more

How To Get Bob Marley Dreadlocks?

bob marley dreads

Bob Marley has inspired the world with his music and Rastafarian lifestyle. In his short lifetime, he was able to popularize reggae and convey love and peace in his music wherever he went. When you think of dreadlocks, Bob Marley’s thick and healthy free-form locs come to mind. The best part about achieving his dreads … Read more

How Do You Take Care Of Dreads In The Winter?

During the winter your dreads will need some extra TLC. People with natural hair always experience dryness of the hair and skin. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your hair’s reaction to the cold. In this post, I’ll give you three tips on how to care for your dreads during the winter. One … Read more

How Long Can You Go Without Washing Dreads?

How Long Can You Go Without Washing Dreads?

Having clean dreads is very important, so the longest you can go without washing your dreadlocks are- two weeks. I had a friend who went for five months without washing his dreads as part of a neglecting lifestyle. He claims that it helped with the locking process. However, he used nothing in his hair except … Read more

How To Maintain Dreads As They Grow Out?

How To Maintain Dreads As They Grow Out

Dreadlocks are like trees. They need nutrients, water, time and sunlight to grow. Also like trees, they require consistency, so while your dreads are in its locking phase you must take care of them. So, how to maintain dreads as they grow out? By adding rosewater, natural oils, washing, re-twisting, sleeping with a silk scarf … Read more

Dollylocks Shampoo And Dreadlocks Detox Review

dollylocks shampoo review

Dollylocks has been around for a long time and is a trusted brand in the dreadlocks community. A Florida based company, the Dollylocks Shampoo is 100% vegan no parabens, dyes, and all-natural ingredients. The purpose of this Dollylocks shampoo and detox review is to narrow down your research so you can find a shampoo that … Read more

The Best Dreads Bar Soap- Dreads Soap Review

dreads shampoo soap bar

Now, when washing your dreads, you either used clarifying shampoo or dread bar soap. While most people prefer liquid shampoos over bar soaps, there are some instances where dreads soap is better, since it’s much easier to travel with and is usually cheaper than liquid shampoo. Many people have had terrible experiences when using bar … Read more