How To Keep Dreads Healthy And Growing?

Growing dreadlocks is a lengthy and sometimes painful process, but it’s worth the wait. Having dreadlocks means you can ditch away most of those thick creams and chemicals and try hundreds of different hairstyles. But it also means waiting for your hair to lock, which takes 12-16 months.

One of your biggest dreams, when you start your dreadlocks journey, is to have healthy and long locs. This dream entails doing what’s best for you and your hair. Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks need love and lots of care.

They are not a neglected hairstyle because even Freeform needs regular washing and moisturizing. Below are some tips to help you maintain healthy and growing dreadlocks because your hair is a commitment.

How To Keep Dreads Healthy And Growing?

  • Wash dreads regularly.
  • Use residue-free shampoo.
  • Moisturize hair with natural oil.
  • Make sure you are getting the right nutrients.
  • Sleep with Silk Scalf.
  • Avoid products with too many chemicals.

Wash Regularly With Knotty Boy Shampoo

Before dreadlocks were this popular, most people believe washing destroy them. However, as time past we understand the importance of clean dreadlocks and how much growth happens when washing your hair regularly.

Dreadlocks cannot grow healthy with dirt and buildup as they weigh down the locs, causing brittle hair. Thus, wash your hair with residue-free shampoos like Knotty Boy’s Peppermint, Rosemary, and Tea Tree, which cleanse the scalp and helps with dandruff.

Create a schedule and follow it. I usually wash my hair once a week because I suffer from mild dandruff, but you can adjust it to whatever suits you best.

Dry your hair immediately after washing, and do not sleep with wet dreads. Wet locs can cause mildew, further damaging your hair. Try air drying or blow-drying your hair to speed up the process.

I also recommend an ACV rinse twice for the year because it can really dry out your hair.

Use Natural Oil In Your Dreads

Castor oil is the perfect solution for hair growth. It has proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that protect your hair from breaking down while simultaneously encouraging healthy regrowth.

Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid, which reduces dandruff by loosening up flakes of dead skin cells on the scalp so they can be washed away with regular shampoo.

Rosewater is also a suitable solution to add nutrients and moisture to your locs. It can help reduce dandruff, lift your mood and relieve headaches. Sometimes people with starter dreads install can have mild headaches as their hair locks. Therefore, rosewater is an overall mixture that supports both body and hair.

oils for dreadlocks

Protect Your Dreadlocks While You Sleep

Sleeping with a silk scarf protects your hair from lint buildup and stops your pillow from absorbing all the oil from your dreads. They also prolong fresh retwist and keep starter loc in great shape. 

If you are looking for a durable scarf, then the Babyku Satin Sleep Cap is an excellent option. They come in a set of four and stay on your head no matter how much you twist and turn during the night.

Avoid any Chemicals In Your Dreadlocks And Your Diet

Dying your dreadlocks can cause them to snap right off, especially if not professionally done. I have many friends that bleach their dreads and now suffer from dry and crispy dreadlocks. This doesn’t mean you can suffer the same faith, but bleaching your hair can strip your locs from its natural oils.

Let’s talk about your diet, as it is an important aspect of hair growth. According to a study by the Dermatol Pract Concept, nutritional deficiency can impact your hair structure and how much it grows. People deficient in nutrients such as iron, zinc, biotin, vitamins A and D are prone to hair loss.

One product I strongly believe in is the Revita by DS Laboratories. I enjoy using this product and have experienced thicker locs along with an increase in growth. The tablets are easy to swallow, and it does not leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Plus, it has all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your dreadlocks healthy and growing.

dreadlocks hair growth

Growing healthy dreadlocks takes time, so patience is the key. However, you’ll need to care for them by regular washing, maintaining a good diet rich in foods for hair growth, and moisturize. In addition, avoid adding too many chemicals to your hair and sleep with a silk scarf.

Penny Thomas

My name is Penny Thomas, I love blogging, and the founder of HTW dreads. I had dreadlocks for the past tens years. However, I cut my hair off to grow them with natural oils and no wax. Apart from my hair, I love reading and swimming.

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