How To Get Bob Marley Dreadlocks?

Bob Marley has inspired the world with his music and Rastafarian lifestyle. In his short lifetime, he was able to popularize reggae and convey love and peace in his music wherever he went. When you think of dreadlocks, Bob Marley’s thick and healthy free-form locs come to mind. The best part about achieving his dreads is it takes little preparation because you can bypass any starter method and let your afro lock on its own.

However, you will need to separate your locs because Bob Marley’s hair has medium sections and is not a single matted loc. Separating dreadlocks requires patience if you want them to be painless. You should start with freshly washed hair after massaging natural oil and rose water into your scalp. Then, just at the roots, take your fingers and gently pull apart any locs that are matted together and do not resemble Marley’s hair.

We are privileged to google some pictures of Marley’s free-form-dreadlocks progression. As I mentioned above, it started with his afro. If you do not know what free-form dreadlocks are, you can find an overview below. However, if you are looking for an in-depth post on the subject, check it out here.

Bob Marley’s Dreadlocks Influences

While many people believe that Bob Marley started the Rastafarian movement, he did not. But the popularity of his music helped spread the religion worldwide. This Abrahamic religion began in Jamaica in the 1930s, and the movement was in full swing when Bob Marley was born. Therefore, his dreadlocks have great significance and are not just a hairstyle but a lifestyle that he preaches in his music.

Rastafarians believe that cutting their hair was a sign of weakness. This is why many Rastas have long hair that reaches the ground. In 1970-1980, many people did not put as many products in their hair.

Because they relied on the natural substance of the earth such as oils. Also, in keeping with the Rastas’ lifestyle, their dreadlocks grew long and thick due to their healthy, strict diet.

Also, dreadlocks were in their infancy in the 1930s, and in Jamaica, the free-form method was common there. But over time, many people have found different ways to start dreads and cater to a variety of hair types.

Free-From Dreadlocks

Having free-form dreads means growing your hair with little to no manipulation. This way means there is no starter method like two-strand twists, braids, wrapping, or backcombing. Washing is essential when you have dreadlocks as it helps your hair lock faster without the weight of dirt buildup.

Can your hair look like Bob Marley’s dreadlocks? Yes, people with tight curls can get Bob Marley’s dreadlocks by separating when needed and following the free-form-dreads style.

However, do your research by looking at pictures and reading posts that give you more details about his hair. If you have seen all his pictures and your dreadlocks still are not like Marley’s hair? Consider following his kids like Damian or Ziggy Marley’s social pages as they are the closes you can get to Bob Marley’s hair.

What was found in Bob Marley’s dreads when he died?

There is a lot of Fake News claiming that Bob Marley had 19 different bugs in his dreadlocks — this isn’t true. After doing some research, I found out that he lost most of his dreads because of the cancer treatment he endured, and his wife Rita cut off the rest of his hair. As you can see from the YouTube video below, his tam fit snug on his head, showing no evidence of his hair before he died.

Bob Marley had some iconic dreadlocks, and many people will forever try to copy his style. The good news is that they are very easy to try out as they are just freeform locs.

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