What Does It Mean To Be A Rasta? Rastafarian Beliefs

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Rastafarian is a member of the Jamaican religious group who praises Haile Selassie and often wears dreadlocks. It is a way of life and they respectfully conduct themselves because they believe the Jah (God) is always watching.

Rastafarian is pro-life and believes that all life including animals and plants are valuable. They value human life and allow their hair to grow without manipulation.

Rastafarians love Nature

They love nature and uses natural products for their body and home. Rastafarian believe that nature is the source of all living things and live life with the environment in mind. They believe in having a clear conscious because this is the road to Zion.

They protect their fellow man and live a happy, content life. Children are considered divine within the Rastafarian community since they have the potential to be anything in life. Their life is pure and comes from Jah in fact, all human comes from Jah.

You must respect your children and shower them with kindness and love.
Rastafarians enjoy the simple things in life and don’t show off their wealth by wearing expensive clothing, shoes and jewellery.

You will see them in clothing expressing the red, green and yellow colours with homemade jewellery and perfume.

Men And Women Is Equal In The Rastafarian Community

Men are not considered superior in the Rastafarian community and a Rasta woman is only subservient to her man only if it’s her choice. In a Rastafarian relationship, the man (Kingsman) and the women (Empress) are subservient to each other.

Rastafari celebrates the African culture, and beliefs, listen to reggae music and  Hail King Selassie. They eat Ital meals and wear Freeform dreadlocks.

Women cover their dreadlocks in public to maintain a private and spiritual relationship with the most high. She also covers her hair to reserve her beauty to her husband and family. Some men cover up their locs to keep his spiritual life private with Rasta hats.

Reads The Holy Bible

The Christen bible is one of a Rastafarian important tool, chapter king James verses hold a special place in their heart. They keep the bible close by, encase they have to read them.

A photo of Emperor Haile Selassie is sacred and you’ll see his photo in every Rastafarian household. I remember going to my neighbour’s home where I first saw a photo of Selassie, he even hanged one in his shop where he sold rasta incenses, homemade rasta oils, soap, and other natural homemade products.

The holy cross necklace was also sold and hang in my neighbour’s shop, I learnt a lot of the Rastafarian culture from him and was grateful for his presence in my life.

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