How To Start dreads with Short Hair? Tips And Tricks

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Starting dreads with short hair is not an impossible task since people with kinky hair can use a sponge and seawater spray to achieve locs. Others with straighter hair may have to wait until their hair grows about six inches to lock.

So, how to start dreads with short hair? The best way is with the coil or sponge method if your hair is short. However, if your natural hair is longer than three inches, the two-strand twist is a great method to produce starter locs. 

When using the sponge method on your hair you’ll need a sponge brush, you can buy this at Amazon or Walmart.

Using The Sponge

To start, make sure your hair is damp, take the sponge and rub it in a circular motion until your hair sections. This method will not work on straight hair but people with coarse and thick hair, it’s the perfect way to start Freeform dreads.

The Finger Coil Method

The finger coil twists is another method that works best on damp hair if you need to use a twisting agent you can use the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera or natural coconut oil. To begin section out your hair, then take a comb or your fingers and twist your hair.

Tip: Spraying your starter dreads with a saltwater mix is a natural way to speed up the locking process. But, this mix can leave your dreads dry so, moisturize your dreadlocks daily with rose water and natural hair oils.

short dreads finger coils

How To Get Dreads With Straight Short Hair?

As I mentioned above, people with straight short hair will have a harder time locking their hair. But with consistency, you can achieve dreadlocks. The first method I’ll discuss is the rubbing technique.

To begin, spray your hair with salt water then take a towel and rub in a circular motion it has worked great for Connor Trent he does this technique every morning with the same towel. You can also try the twist and rip, backcombing or crochet techniques another successful method to create dreads for straight hair.

Types Of Dreads To Start With Short Hair

Semi-Freeform Locs

As the name suggests Semi-free form, locs are like Freeform dreads, but you’re re-twisting the roots. This means waiting four to six months or longer before you re-twist so you can get that beautiful thick full new growth. 

FreeForm Dreadlocks

When you think of Freeform dreads, Bob Marley dreadlocks come to mind, these are the original and are easy to maintain. It’s as simple as washing and moisturizing your hair and letting your locs grow. 

There is no specific shape and no part/sections to the roots. We associate this style of dread with Rastafarianism. Although there is little to no maintenance, people with Freeform locs can manipulate their dreads to suite them.

Sister Locs

Sister locs are tiny micro dreads. However, they should be done by a certified sister locs specialist or consultant because they are unique and complex. If the process of sister locs is done wrong, your dreads will thin and break. 

They are more expensive than regular dreads and a lot easier to style because of their lighter weight similar to looser hair textures. You can also start sister locs with relaxed or natural hair. 

Dreading short hair is possible but, it takes consistency and patience.

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