What is the twist and rip method for dreadlocks?

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The twist and rip method sounds scary right!

Well, it’s not.

No one wants to do this to their hair when hearing the name, but there is no ripping and tearing involve it’s a motion you do to your hair to have dreadlocks. Twist and Rip is a popular method and you don’t have to use any tools to achieve dreads this way.

So, what is the twist and rip method for dreads? It is sectioning out your hair, twist a section, hold it tight then, take two random strands of your hair to twist and pull continuously.

This method works best with long hair because the dreads aren’t super tight. With that said, this doesn’t mean you can’t try the Twist and Rip method on short hair; it just wouldn’t be as effective as backcombing because you wouldn’t have enough knots.

This method takes a long time to shrink and is thinner than other dreads; however, they will thicken over time. It is not as invasive as the backcombing since there are no tools nor chemical treatments to manipulate your hair. Twisting and ripping your hair into dreads are easy to do and doesn’t require a certified loctician to achieve. Therefore, making this an inexpensive method.

While you can get dreads instantly, they are looser than other methods making them unravel easier. Since Twist and Rip pull on the hair, you may experience sore scalp, but this is temporary.

How to Twist and Rip Your Hair Into Dreads?

Tools Needed

Your Hands.

Rubber Band (optional).

  • First section out your hair. You can use the rubber-bands to maintain the sections.
  • Hold a section twist and take two random pieces and pull.
  • Repeat this motion until your hair is completed.

There is a misconception that by performing the twist and rip or backcombing method on your hair, you have completed dreadlocks. However, this is not the case. You must wait until your dreads are mature, which may take up to two years.

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