Can I Use Dry Shampoo On My Dreads? Top Dry Shampoo

For those who don’t know what dry shampoo is: it is a shampoo, to spray on your dreads, that you don’t have to wash off.

The idea of dry shampoo attracts many people since you can decrease wash day but, can you use dry shampoo on your dreads? NO, it’s not recommended.

If you have used dry shampoo before you’ll notice it leaves a dust-like residue and clumps together the oils in your hair.

People without dreads can comb out whatever buildup left behind. However, this is not the case with dreadlocks; you can’t comb through your locs so, you would experience a lot of buildups. While it does its job of relieving your hair from oils, it’s a high price to pay in the long run.

Proof That You Shouldn’t Spray Dry Shampoo In Your Dreads

According to Wikipedia dry shampoo generally has two components a carrier agent and an active powder. The common active agents are starch or carbon/alumina depending on the brand and these agents don’t biodegrade. So, you shouldn’t put them near your dreads.

Although dry Shampoo decreases the appearance of natural oils, these oils remain on the scalp combined with the powder from the dry shampoo. Over time, it increases the buildup your hair absorbs and dulls the colour of your dreadlocks as well as irritate the scalp.

Ok, Now You Understand The Risk, If You Still Want To Use Dry Shampoo Here Are Four That Get The Job Done

ORS Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo After doing intensive research on dry shampoo that leaves little to no buildup and works.

I came across The Ors Herbal Cleanse dry shampoo, Bre Dashay says the ORS Herbal is a god sent and it relieves her itchy scalp. Apply the dry shampoo to your scalp, leave it for one minute and remove the residue with a warm damp towel.

Dollylocks Dreadlock Dry Shampoo-This product is designed for dreadlocks. The Dollylocks is a trusted brand for locs and it’s a combination of dry organic ingredients that absorbs excessive oil and stimulate the scalp. Further, a little goes a long way when applying the Dollylocks to your scalp.

Cantu Refresh Dry Co-wash with Apple Cider VinegarThe Cantu Dry Co-wash has no sulfate, silicone and no parabens. It contains apple cider vinegar, tea tree oils that cleanse and absorb all the excessive oil from your scalp.

MsIslandSpice says she uses this product along with Cantu Refresh Root Rinse when she doesn’t have the time to wash her hair. She also says there was no white residue and gives this product a thumbs up.

Waterless Bundle pack with dry shampoo spray– Another shampoo that leaves no residue behind with no sulfate and paraben. Kris says the Waterless leaves her hair feeling clean. It’s an excellent product to cleanse the scalp after a workout.

In Conclusion

You shouldn’t put unnatural products in your dreads, especially if you want them healthy. If you can’t wash your hair often, try using peppermint oils, it will give you some relief until you can pre-cleanse your dreads.

However, I understand why you’ll want to use dry shampoo, that’s why I’ve provided you with a few that works. Remember to use your clarifying shampoo and soak your dreads in an ACV rinse regularly.

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