What Clothes Do Rastafarians Wear? Rasta Clothing

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The Rasta colour red, yellow and green has a special meaning in the Rastafarian heart. It represents the spiritual meaning of after the reign of his Emperor Halie Selassie I over Ethiopia. Rastafarian always wear clothing that has the rasta colours red, yellow, and green or the lion of Judah flag.

Further, in the Rastafari Livity: the red stands for the bloodshed of the African people. The yellow stands for the beautiful sunshine of the African continent and the gold stand for what was resting on the African soil that was stolen. Additionally, the green represents the agriculture and the greenery of Africa land.


Rasta Women Clothing

Rasta Accessories- Rasta women don’t wear shiny jewellery instead, they wear accessories made of wood, shell, copper, seeds or beads. These include Rasta earring, Rasta rings, Rasta necklace and bracelets.

Rasta Women Clothing Most Rasta clothing feature red, yellow and green on them and usually long dresses and skirts. They do not wear revealing clothing with dresses and skirts below the knee, women deep in the culture do not wear pants.

Rasta Shoes- You can wear flat slippers and shoes with very low heels. Leather slippers is a beautiful choice and Rasta women love to wear them because they are very strong and last a long time.

Rasta Women Makeup- I can’t mention clothing without touching on makeup, Rasta women keep their makeup natural and only wear them for work and special occasions.

Rastafarian Man Clothing ( Rasta King)

Rasta clothing

Rasta Clothing- Rasta Men love to keep their jewellery simple and made with natural material. Unless they are going to a function, they may wear extra accessories including a pendent and flag with the Lion of Judah on it, head tie and a Rasta colour scarf.

They wear traditional African attire. Some wear regular clothing like a jersey and soft long pants. My Rastafarian friend loves to wear tie-dye clothing, simple black t-shirt with a rasta colours hair wrap. Rasta hats feature leather material and made for dreadlocks.

Their hats are very stylish and referred to as “Crown”. Some Rasta prefers knitting hats because they are soft and breathable while others leave their dreads out and free. They wear comfortable shoes that match their clothing and style because the type of shoes Rasta men wear is based on comfort and personal style

Final Words

Rasta clothing features the colour red, yellow and green as well as very comfortable attire. The women dress very conservative and sometimes cover up their dreadlocks to preserve their spirituality and beauty. Similarly, you can find Rasta products and clothing on Amazon.com or Esty since they have sellers that feature natural materials.

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