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How To Start Dreads With Extensions? Tips

Adding dreadlocks extensions is a great way to have instant dreadlock. While some people enjoy the process and the journey of starter locs to mature locs, others prefer not the wait and install instant dreadlocks.

This process includes a loctician connecting your hair with human locs using a crochet hook. It is a time-consuming process, however; the results are natural-looking. This technique is the best way to add dreads extensions to your hair. In this post, I’ll give you some useful tips that will help you with the transition from natural to lock hair with extension.

The Extensions Must Be Human Hair

Do not use synthetic hair when adding permanent locs since it will unravel and damage your natural hair or dreads. You can buy loose 100% human hair to crochet or pre-made dreadlocks.

Making locs extensions is hard on the fingers since you’ll have to sit and crochet the hair to the desired length. If you want 100 plus dreads, then this may take days or weeks to accomplish, you will need some extra hands to help you with this task.

However, there are pre-made dreadlocks available for this reason, like the Yonna human hair that blends with your hair and doesn’t shed after installation. The only problem you may experience with pre-made locs is: it may be thin or thicker than your hair. That’s why it is important to measure the width of your locs before buying the extensions.

Further, this will not affect people who adding extensions to loose hair since you can section out your hair to match the dreadlocks extensions.

Treat The Extension Like You would Dreadlocks

The extension behaves the same ways natural hair does, this means you can get dread rot if you don’t dry your hair thoroughly. Also, bleaching will damage the extensions if not done correctly; this leads to shedding and unravelling.

Daily maintenance of dreadlocks requires moisturizing with rose water, essential oils and washed regularly for healthy hair. Use products that leave no buildup as this is detrimental to your hair.
Take care of the extensions, and be gentle since installation is very expensive.

Therefore, before considering dreads extension this must be your final decision because the price is very high in 2020, let’s break it down.

The Price For Dreadlocks Extensions Installation

So, the average cost for afro kinky hair varies from $60-$90 per pack. Now, how many packs needed for your hair depends on the length, thickness and how much individual locs you are making. With pre-made dreads, 12 handmade human locs are $95-$100 again the amount depends on the factors I mentioned above.

The installation is expensive as well, especially if the loctician is making the locs by hand. This process the person does is crochet the loose hair, so it is compact to look like dreadlocks. For already locked hair, the loctician would connect the extension to your hair using a crochet hook.

Except, for un-dreaded hair, they will have to section, twist the roots and crochet your hair to the extension. So the price can be $1000-$1500 or more according to the location of the salon.

Starting dreads with extensions is very expensive, nevertheless, it’s one of the fastest ways to have dreadlocks. But this has to be your final decision and if you are doing the installation yourself make sure that you do your research.

My last post features a “how-to guide” for dreadlocks extension installation so you can start there. Also, if you are paying for installation, make sure it is a professional.

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