How often should I wash my dreadlocks To Prevent Build-up?

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This is a common question during the starter dreads stage. Contrary to popular belief, you can wash your hair once a week. However, some people wait until their one-month mark to shampoo their locs, and this depends on the person. So, How often should you wash your dreadlocks- this range from one week to a month is the appropriate window to wash your dreads.

If you are using products in your dreadlocks, then you will experience product build-up, and it’s essential to maintain clean and healthy locks for growth. There are no simple wash and go with dreads; however, you can pre-cleanse your hair.

I used both clarifying shampoo and the ACV method but, (Not AT the Same time). Instead, I interchange, especially when I’m not up for the dryness that occurs when using the Apple Cider Vinger and the Baking soda method.

Soaking your locs for 10-15 minutes is vital when washing your dreads. I also take the time to go through my locs one by one while taking my fingers and gently squeeze the product into my dreads to break down the build-up. After I have pre-cleanse my hair, I apply shampoo twice to my locs to remove the smell of the vinegar and baking soda and for a thorough cleaning.

Apple Cider And Baking Soda Cleanse For Dreads

Baking soda to wash dreads

ACV is an inexpensive way to deep clean your locs and removes product buildup.

Warm water breaks down buildup faster.

Step1: Wet your hair, so it feels a little damp.
Step2: Place the ingredients inside a large bowl.
Step3: Mix to evenly distribute the baking soda, lemon juice, and ACV.
Step4: Let your dreadlocks soak for at least 10-15 minutes.
Step5: Take your fingers to rub and gently remove the buildup.
Step6: Shampoo as usual.

After the ACV treatment, your hair may feel a little dry. So, you should moisturize your dreads after.


If you don’t have the ACV and baking soda, you can try using a good clarifying shampoo I got mines from Walmart. What this shampoo does, is deep clean your dreadlocks by getting all the dirt and grind out.

Items Needed:

  • A large bowl of warm water.
  • Apply a moderate amount of shampoo.
  • Don’t put the shampoo directly into your hair. Instead, place the shampoo in a bowl of water and mix the solution around.
  • Place your hair and let a soak a bit.
  • Massage your scalp and hair.
  • Rinse out your locs thoroughly since this is shampoo.

Washing Dreads Q&A

Can you shower with dreads?

Yes, you can shower with your dreads. If you don’t want to get your dreads wet, cover your locs with two shower caps for extra protection. It’s important to keep your dreadlocks dry to prevent mold and mildew.

Can dread get wet?

 Yes, your dread can get wet. Water is one of the best moisturizers for dreads, and they prevent your hair from drying out. You also need to wet your dreads when pre-cleansing your hair by soaking them in Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar mixture. 

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