Lisa Bonet Dreads- A HTW Dreads Review

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We all love Lisa Bonet, she was Denise Huxtable on the Cosby show and once married to Lenny Kravitz for twenty years who she has a beautiful daughter with. In 1987 Lisa Bonet on the Cosby show had short curly hair, this is also the year she married Lenny Kravitz and had her show for a while which was called Different World.

Then in 1988, She’s back on the Cosby show with super long hair and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with quite a revealing picture which was an introduction, into the Hollywood world as an adult. Also, you can still see her natural hair, she had beautiful curly long hair.

Lisa Bonet Timeline: From Curly Hair To Dreadlocks

  • We see Lisa in Enemy of the State together with Will Smith with locs which was very curly especially at the ends, combined with loose hair which looks like she started with a crochet hook or interlocking.
  • But it doesn’t look like the locs she has now, which she is very famous for. She had more of a bohemian type of dreadlocks that look like extensions. Again, here you can see she’s opened to dreadlocks. Further, Lisa doesn’t have frizzy hair and has a combination of loose and dreaded hair, which she wears well.
  • In the 2000’s we witness Lisa Bonet hair mature into the dreadlocks she has now.

Lisa Bonet Dreads Breakdown

  • Freeform.
  • Mature dreads.
  • A combination of loose and dreaded hair.

Because Lisa Bonet is a very private person, we jump to 2006 where her dreads are still waist length with loose curls around the edges. Loose hair with dreaded hair is common amongst people with free form dreads. If they don’t crochet or interlock this hair into their dreads it will continue to grow separate and will eventually lock.

Lisa Bonet has beautiful free-form dreads, this may not be the way she started out with, however, you can see she does little to no maintenance with her dreaded hair.

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