The Best Dreads Bar Soap- Dreads Soap Review

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Now, when washing your dreads, you either used clarifying shampoo or dread bar soap. While most people prefer liquid shampoos over bar soaps, there are some instances where dreads soap is better, since it’s much easier to travel with and is usually cheaper than liquid shampoo.

Many people have had terrible experiences when using bar soaps on dreadlocks because of residue build-up. However, this occurs because they are using bar soaps wrong or a dread soap that leaves residue.

With liquid shampoos you can accurately measure how much shampoo you’re applying to your dreads, obviously, it’s not so simple with bar soap. Because some people directly apply shampoo soap to their dreadlocks, by physically taking the soap and rubbing against their dreads.

When doing this, they have no idea how much soap they are applying to their locs and can have chunks of soap breaking off into their hair under the shower.

Even With The Best Dreads Bar Soap, If You Using it Wrong it’s bad for your dreads.

Even with natural ingredients and residue-free soap, if you’re applying way too much to your dreads you will have a poor experience because you don’t need an immense quantity of soap to wash your scalp and clean your dreadlocks.

There is no correct way to use bar soap, however, If I’m using dread bar soap to wash my hair, I would first cover my hand with soap and rub it against my dreads until it’s completely soapy if I’m in the shower.

But, if I am soaking my dreads, I would place the bar of soap in a bowl of water until it’s soapy and soak my dreads for 5-10 minutes.

The Best Soap For Dreads

Dollylocks dread soap

Uni-Locs Residue Free Shampoo Bar– A great dreads shampoo soap that leaves no residue behind. Further, Uni-Locs comprise of all-natural products and clean the hair as well as stimulate dreads growth.

Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar Soap Perfect for partially dreaded hair, and has ingredients that comfort the scalp and doesn’t dry out your dreads. It also has Peppermint and Tea Tree oils for itchy scalp.

Dollylocks Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar- Dollylocks is a very popular brand for dreads products it has all-natural ingredients and smells amazing. It leaves your hair feeling clean and the coconut stimulates growth and soothe scalp irritation.


You can use shampoo soap for dreads, but be careful of how much you are putting on your locs. It is better to soak your dreads in the soapy water you have created with the dreadlocks bar and use soap with natural products. Knotty boy and Dollylocks have amazing shampoos that are residue-free as well as moisturize your dreads at the same time.

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