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The Evolution Of Lil Wayne Dreads- Dreads Review

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Lil Wayne is an American rapper who has broken multiple records and is successful in everything he does. His real name is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr and is 36 years old. Lil Wayne dreads evolved from twisted dreads to more of a freeform style.

We notice Lil Wayne’s hair was dreading back in 2001, where he had these lovely thick starter locs. There were no sections to his dreads with lots of new growth.

In 2004 his dreads were mature, and it looks like he manipulates his dreads a little by separating them. Then, in 2007, we notice that his dreads had grown, and you can see his scalp. This can only mean that he’s getting his locs professionally done and retwist often.

Dreads in 2011 To 2015

In 2011 his dreads looked so healthy it has grown and regularly styled; this is another factor that contributed to his dread balding. Consistently retwisting or pulling too tight at the roots of your hair, will lead to balding.

Lil Wayne dreadlocks in 2012 seem thicker, and we can see at this stage he’s combining his dreads. In 2015 we noticed that he continues combining his locs and headed toward the Freeform look. His dreads were thicker in 2016, and you can see where he has combined his dreadlocks into a matted appearance.

You’ll also notice his dreads are thinning and have fallen off because of breakage. In 2017 this is where he started bleaching his dreads.

Lil Wayne dreadlocks rundown

  • His hair texture type is in the 4b range.
  • Started with twisting with gel with healthy starter locs.
  • Regularly twisted and style dreads.
  • Begins combining his dreads.
  • Started Freeforming.
  • 2017- Bleached hair.
  • Now- He’s balding with dry thining dreads.

Lil Wayne Dreads Now

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Another thing you’ll notice with Lil Wayne dreads now is that they are on the Freeform side. He’s allowing his hair to mat together letting three to four locs combine into congo dreads. His dreads are distinctive and bleached; he also wears a lot of hats, maybe to cover up his balding.

I applaud Lil Wayne for keeping his dreads even though you can see that his dreads are falling off and he is blading. His dreads are bleached, which again leads thinning of the locs, and this is another reason he has fewer dreads on his head.

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