What’s the Difference Between Sisterlocks And Microlocs?

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With microlocs anyone can achieve this look, as long as you know how to two-strand twist, the interwoven technique from the tip to the root or braid your hair.

It is easy to do at home, but it is very time-consuming. While some people with micro locs call them sisterlocks, it’s not the same.

There is a difference between the two. Sisterlocks is done by parting your hair in a specific grid and using the tools and hair products associated with the sisterlocks style.

Because of the guideline, no two sisterlocks look alike, depending on your hair type this determines how your sisterlock specialist lock your hair which must be done by a trainee or sisterlock consultant.

These restrictions don’t apply with microlocs, anyone can do this style. You don’t require any certificate or specific products to install these locs. Thus, making them cheaper and easier to maintain, especially at home.

The Difference in Price Of Both Sisterlocks And Microlocs

With mircolocs, the procedure is the same, which is either braided, interwoven or twisted to begin the locking process.

With the cost, microlocs is cheaper and installation ranges from $200-$600 while sisterlocks prices range from $400-1000. The price of sisterlock depends on whether the person establishing your locs is a trainer, specialist and their location.

The difference in Maintenence

Mircolocs are maintained, with either a micro hook or yarn needles. While sisterlocks is maintained using a special tool which is given through the sisterlocks course. There is no difference in the time it takes for installation/maintenance, unfortunately, since microlocs can mimic the look of sisterlocks, installation can take hours to establish and maintained.

Which locs Is Better?

If money is the major factor when choosing between sisterlocks and microlocs, then microlocs are your best option. Also, it depends on you, which is better and more convenient for you.

Because if you take care of your hair by stocking up on vitamins and moisturizing your hair, then you’ll have healthy locs whichever you choose.

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