11 Sisterlocks Hair Styles For Short And Long Hair

Natural hair is popular these days, and some of the best-looking styles have to be Sisterlocks. Here you will see black women rocking this hairstyle, everything from long, medium, or short. So you can have an idea of how to style your Sisterlocks when you get them installed.

Sisterlocks are very thin style dreads, they are easy to maintain and style compared to traditional dreadlocks. While you can not install them at home, once you have finished the retighten course from the Sisterlocks site you can do them yourselves. There are many benefits of having this type of style, they look amazing and make your hair look healthier.

Sisterlocks are a type of hairstyle that can be done as starter locs or full locks. It’s more discreet than dreadlocks, but when you get them installed they’re smaller and less noticeable. Many people wonder if Sisterkocks can be undone, Yes but it is best to comb them out before six months.

It’s time to boost your sisterlock game with some of the most creative styles out there. From braids, twists, and coils to waves and curls- you won’t run out of new ideas anytime soon! Below are 11 ways you can style your Sisterlocks for any occasion.

How To begin Your Sisterlocks Journey?

If you want to start your Sisterlocks journey, the consultation must be a success. The first step of this process starts with booking an appointment with a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant. Their service includes getting to know each other and seeing how best she can style your natural curl pattern. She will also consider the length and density of your hair.

Do you have any concerns or questions about Sisterlocks? She will answer all your questions and make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. When it comes time for installation, she will discuss what locking pattern best suits the texture of your hair. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years learning about Sisterlocks, is that every journey is different.

You will receive your Sisterlocks starter kit that comes with instructions on how to wash and take care of new locs. A Special shampoo is included in the kit so you can wash your hair on the installation day.

Up And Down With A Little Extra

sterlocks hairstyles

These simple hairstyles take just minutes each day but will keep you looking fabulous from morning to night. Simple styles like this one make life so much easier while still ensuring it looks fantastic all day long.

Sisterlocks And Braids

The Hair and the makeup are beautiful and this Sisterlock hairstyle is simple yet effective. Start by creating two sections to the top of your hair, twist them, and secure them with rubber bands.

More Cornrows With Sisterlocks

Add jewels and cornrows to your Sisterlocks for that extra bang. However, wait at least your locs are 6-12 months so it will not hinder your locking process.

Half Morhawk

Curly Sisterlocks are the perfect accessory for any woman. Dye your curly sisterlocks into two different colors to add a little excitement and sweetness.

Sisterlocks Tie Up

What a beautiful way to finish a retightening session with a small bun and twist.

Coloured Sisterlocks

A little color to the ends of your Sisterlocks can add a little pop to your hair.

High Sisterlocks

If you want a fast and easy sisterlock hairstyle, all you need to do is sweep your locks upwards in the direction of growth. Pull them up into an updo or ponytail then clip it with small clips near the roots for extra hold.

It’s All In The Lenght

Check out the length of her Sisterlocks, don’t worry your hair will grow and look healthier than ever.

Red Sisterlocks

This bun requires thick Sisterlocks to achieve this look.

A Full Set Of Curls

One benefit of having Sisterlocks is their natural appearance when you add curls to them they look even better.

Blonde Sisterlocks

If you are going to a wedding or party then you should try this style.

You can choose any Sisterlocks hairstyle you want, and it will look great. A few visits to your salon of choice and all of your Sisterlocks dreams come true with these stylish styles guaranteed for success. 

Penny Thomas

My name is Penny Thomas, I love blogging, and the founder of HTW dreads. I had dreadlocks for the past tens years. However, I cut my hair off to grow them with natural oils and no wax. Apart from my hair, I love reading and swimming.

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