Sisterlocks Pros Or Cons- Is The Price Worth It?

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One of your biggest decisions is choosing what to do with your hair.

Sisterlocks are an expensive and long-term commitment that is why weighing the Sisterlocks pros and cons is an important step. Unlike dreadlocks, you can not install Sisterlocks at home or consider it a temporary style. But understand the process and adapt to the mindset of the locs.

Like I mentioned above, the price is a major factor when considering Sisterlocks since in 2020, dealing with the pandemic, the cost of installation ranges from $1000-1500.

Because of this, one of my friends cut her hair since the length of her natural hair was too long which in turn, lowered the installation cost. Keep in mind, she did this before the consultation. It was a tremendous sacrifice. But once she has her grid and takes care of her Sisterlocks, her hair will grow longer than before.

With that said, here are the pros and cons of Sisterlocks. The goal of this post is to help you with all of your Sisterlocks decision makings.

What Is Sisterlocks?

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According to the FAQ beginner page, Sisterlocks is a natural hair system that creates very tiny locs. It comprises a well-established grid that can sustain the size of the locs and makes retightening faster.

The Pros Of Sisterlocks

Styling Flexibility

Because Sisterlocks mimic loose hair: styling is super easy. You can accomplish more styles than regular dreadlocks. However, wait until your locs are mature before attempting them.

Combining Sisterlocks

Due to the grid, combining Sisterlocks is simple and takes no time at all. Your locs are close together so, combining locs helps strengthen splitting locs.


To maintain Sisterlocks, you don’t need a lot of products. There is no need for gel or creamy products that can be costly. Once you wash your hair with residue-free shampoo and moisturize with natural oils, your work is done.

Sense Of Belonging

Being part of a group is rewarding. It offers a sense of belonging as part of the Sisterlocks family, you are part of a community that relies on natural hairstyle and accepting the journey.

Less pressure on the scalp

Sisterlocks comprises tiny locs: this means less pressure on your scalp. Thick dreads are heavy on the scalp which may cause hair loss, receding hairline, or even traction alopecia.

The Cons Of Sisterlocks

The Cost

I feel like a broken record repeating how much costly Sisterlocks installation can be. However, it is the reality of getting this style, and once you can accept this: the faster you can make your decision. Now, let’s not forget offers re-tightening classes, hence making installation a onetime payment.

You still must pay for the first few re-tightening sessions but, once your Sisterlocks is mature, you can do them yourself in the convenience of your home.

Re-tightening and Installation take forever.

Depending on the thickness and length of your loose hair, installation can take hours to complete. This explains the price, as you can sit for at least twelve hours or more. However, re-tightening is a bit shorter.


With Sisterlocks, you can experience a lot of slippage resulting in loose locs. But a certified Sisterlocks consultant can restore your locs.

Finding A Certified Consultant

Finding a certified Sisterlocks consultant can take time. Even if you found a few, you’ll need to make appointments. Lucky for you, the main Sisterlocks website list trained consultants.

Sisterlocks are an acquired taste but, once you have made up your mind, the price is worth it. Having Sisterlocks has it’s pros and cons.

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