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Does Saltwater Make Your Hair Lock Faster?

Another question that was emailed to me. Does saltwater make your hair lock faster? Saltwater spray on young dreads dries out the dreads making them coarser, allowing them to knot faster.

Therefore, the spray is popular amongst people who have baby locs because mature dreads are already locked. Saltwater is better known as the Beach water (at least to me) copies the effect of what the beach does to the hair.

This is firm up your locs making your dreads lock faster. While you can buy them at online stores, I find it’s cheaper and easier to make at home.

Homemade Salt Water Mix For Dreads

I wish, I’d discover this recipe at the beginning of my journey. However, I visit the beach once a month (because there is a beach near my home) and I experienced some difference in my hair- it was a bit dryer and my locs felt firmer.

With that said, I would wash my hair as soon as I reach home so I can get out all the sand.

  • Spray Bottle (80z) or at least with measurements.
  • Water.
  • One tsp salt/ tbs (depending on personal preference)
  • Olive or Coconut oil. (optional)

Add all the ingredients into the spray bottle and apply once or twice for the most into your hair. Proceed with caution when using saltwater in your hair, since it will dry out your hair causing your dreads to be brittle. If this is scary, test the saltwater to see what it does to your hair.

After interlocking, you can apply the salt water directly to the length of your locs (not your scalp) and wash it out a few hours or days. Depending on your tolerance to the salt.

I Don’t have Sea Salt At Home Can I Use Table Salt?

If you don’t have sea salt at home, you can use table salt since it will dry the hair and increase the friction needed to lock your hair.

However, sea salt is the recommend ingredient because it is the purest salt, table salt can have additives. Since dreads is prone to buildup, you may need to keep away from unnatural products.

Where to Spray to Sea Salt?

beach and dreads

The best place to spray sea salt is on loose hair if you have matured dread- because if your hair already locks you will have new growth. For starter locs, all over your hair, but only two sprays and try to do this right before your wash day (two hours).

Because when salt is on the scalp for a long time it may become itchy and eventually irritates the scalp. If you have dry and damaged hair avoids the use of saltwater in your dreads. Some people may apply saltwater before backcombing or twist and rip as it will mat faster.

However, remember to wash your hair once a week since saltwater will dry out your hair.

Pros And Cons To Salt Water For Dreads


  • It is very cheap compared to other locking accelerators.
  • You know exactly what you are putting in your hair.
  • You can use it on mature and starter locs.


  • It dries out your dreadlocks, especially in the summer.
  • If you apply to the scalp, it will irritate and cause buildup.
  • Sea salt can knot up multiple dreads together, increasing the chances of painful dreads separation.

Until you know how salt water reacts to your hair, you shouldn’t use too much in your hair. What works for me may not work for you. Also, this is not a shortcut to speeding up the locking process, it just helps and if you have dry hair avoid using salt water.

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