Dreads Review- How To Get Wiz Khalifa Dreads?-

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Wiz Khalifa is a very talented rapper, songwriter and actor. Although Wiz’s hair is dreaded, he often has the two-strand braid style in his hair. To achieve Wiz Khalifa dreads, he first locked his hair using the coil method back in 2012. Now, that his hair is shoulder-length, to style: he took two locs, twists them together and secures them with a rubber-band. This style is effortless and versatile. Further, below is a simple video you can try this yourself.

His Dreadlocks Timeline

  • In 2010 young Wiz has short 4c hair and often wore hats.
  • 2012 he grew out his hair and continued to dye the middle blonde.
  • Shortly after this, he interlocks with the coil method into baby dreads.
  • In 2013 you can see his dreads has transformed into starter locs and grew.
  • After he dyed his dreads purple then, blonde and his dreads are looking thicker and longer
  • 2016-2017 there is a transition between Wiz blonde to black hair and now his hair looks healthy and matured.
  • Continued too late 2017, Wiz had an undercut where he had to cut out a few of his dreads to the side to achieve this look.
  • From 2017 to now, Wiz is growing very healthy dreadlocks and sometimes styles his hair in many braided styles.
Wiz Khalifa dreadlocks

Here’s What We Learn From Reviewing Wiz Khalifa Dreadlocks and How Do You Get His Dreads

As it’s often said, bleaching or dying of the dreads is bad for your hair and leads to thinning of the locs. After Wiz stop dying his hair, it now looks healthy and is growing. He styles his dreads without putting too much pressure on his roots since it’s simple braided styles.

Wiz regularly re-twist and maintains his dreads. He started his dreadlocks with the coil method: if you don’t know what’s the coil method is, look at this amazing article which will give you detailed instructions on this method. Similarly, if you are wondering if Wiz Khalifa has cut his dreads then yes, only to get rid of the bleached ends and this was back in 2017.

Anyone can achieve Wiz dreads, by following the videos to the top of this post. Also, check out my post on Lil Wayne and J Cole dreadlocks.

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