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How Do You Know When Your Dreads Are Locked?

How Do You Know When Your Dreads Are Locked

The best part of installing starter dreads is when it’s locked.

Yes, it is hectic, and sometimes the process is long, but the result is worthwhile.

After your hair has gone through all the phases: of budding, the teen stage then your hair will lock into the mature stage of dreadlocks. You would know when your hair is locked, as you’ll notice a huge difference in your locs.

Which can take up to 12-36 months?

Lock hair will:

  1. Increase in length.
  2. Double its original size.
  3. Sealed ends.
  4. Difficult to unravel.
  5. 12- 36 months has passed.

It is an accomplishment to have mature dreadlocks so, here are some things you can do with your lock hair.

You Can Use Conditioners In Mature Dreadlocks

If your hair is locked and in its mature stage, it will not unravel if you use a conditioner. Yes, the purpose of a conditioner is to soften and reduce fiction, but if you don’t physically comb out your dreads, then it will not harm your locs.

The best way to use a conditioner is to mix them with water as this will make it very easy to wash out. Don’t use products packed with additive and chemicals.

Conditioners like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor are a trusted brand amongst the dreadlocks community. The texture is not a thick paste, and you can always mix it with water. It also hydrates and repairs brittle and dry dreads.

Peace Of Mind

When your dreads are locked, they will not unravel after washing this is a big sign of relief for many. You don’t need a stocking cap, and you can give your scalp the much-needed scrub.

Styling your dreadlocks is also pretty easy, and you can have fun with your dreads. However, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your scalp as you may experience traction alopecia.

This is the best time to add dreads jewellery as I do not recommend them for starter locs.

The Length And Size Increase

stages of dreadlocks

During the teen stage, your hair sometimes shrinks, but when your hair is locked, you will experience hair growth. You can literally get up one morning with an extra two inches or more in length.

Your hair will expand and can now support itself without sprouting out all over your head. Plus, you can shape them with palm rolling to achieve a circular structure.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks can take one year to locks and at least three years to mature. Furthermore, depending on your hair texture, it can take longer or shorter. For instance, people with 1-2b texture hair will take a longer time to mature compared 4a-4b hair.

There are so many perks when your hair is all locked up, but you would need to experience the other two stages before. With time and patience, you will reach this stage, and notice a tremendous change in your dreads.


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