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How Do You Make LOC Hair Jewellery- Copper and Yarn?

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Loc jewellery is a creative way to make your dreads unique and beautiful, while these pieces of jewellery are very cheap to buy, some of us love the craft.

Making your loc jewellery require time and simple materials you can find around your house. Further, copper is flexible and very easy to manipulate and the yarn is available in a variety of colours that can change to match your clothing.

The hand sander is optional, so if you don’t have it at home you can always use sandpaper as a cheaper option.
But before you can make jewellery for your hair, you must measure your locs. If you have the traditional loc width, then it should measure around 8mm, however, for thinner or thicker locs this step is very important.

Here I’ll show you how to make dreads jewellery with copper, wrap, and sparkles for your hair.

Copper Wire Jewelry

Copper wire is a popular material used for making dreads jewellery. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and you can add beads to vamp up the jewellery.

Items needed:

4mm copper wire (colour depends on you) pliers, cylinder objects close to the size of your locs, hand sander.


  • Before you can use the copper sand down the edges.
  • Then take the round-nose pliers and wrap the surrounding edge to create a swirl. Now, keep doing this until you have the desired size.
  • After you’ve finished the swirl place it on a pen and wrap the wire a few times around the pen.
  • To the other end of the wire create another swirl to the opposite direction of the first swirl.

Direction taken from Ayifa’s Mane.

Wrapping Dreads With Yarn

Wrapping dreads is one of the easier jewellery to make at home since it requires only yarn for the finished look.

Items needed:



  • Make sure the yarn is even.
  • Create a slip knot and place a loc and wrap the string around the dread.
  • Depending on the style, you can wrap them close together or far apart.

Adding Sparkles to Dreads

Items needed:

Seed beads, Sewing needle,sewing thread.


  • Thread the needle and tie a knot to the end.
  • Anchor the thread in your dreads, then take up the seed bead one by one and add it to your dreads.
  • All done for more information, I attach a video to the end.

Sewing seed beads into your dreads can damage your locs.

Should I Buy Homemade Dreads Jewellery From Esty?

Esty sells a lot of dreads jewellery, but should you buy them? Yes, you can if you have the money. Like with every online shop, take the necessary precautions when buying online locs jewellery.

These include: reading reviews of the products and measure your dreads correctly.

With every hairstyle, loose or dreaded adding jewellery will spice up every look, add character and bling. Before, you can put locs jewellery in your hair, make sure your dreads are over one-year-old.

Also, ensure that you remove the jewellery before washing and styling your hair because the copper and sparkles will stay in your dreadlocks.

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