How To Air-Dry Your Dreads?-Best Tips And Tricks

Air drying is using no heat on your hair and letting it dry on its own. Now, I’ve been air drying my dreads 99% of the time since I live in the Caribbean and the sun and the cool breeze gets the job done.

I have encountered no problems air drying my hair, however, if you live in a place where it’s cold, then blow-drying your dreads is an easier option.

For this post, I’ll share with you my best tips and tricks on how to air dry your dreads effectively. Before leaving the shower after washing your hair wring out as much water as you can. Sometimes after I’ll use a microfiber towel and part my dreads into sections, wrap a small towel around them, and twist the towel with my hair.

Tip- If you use a regular towel it can leave behind lint so, a microfiber towel prevents lint build-up.

Twisting the towel with your dreads further absorb moisture from your locs. Keep in mind, I use the Shea Moisture Leave-In Condition With Jamaican Black Castor Oil after because the sun dries out my air.

Keep Your Hair Down While Air Drying Your Dreads

Dreads down while air drying
Hair down while air drying

Keeping your hair down after towel drying your hair allows the air to flow through your locs. You don’t want your hair in a ponytail since the middle of your dreads will stay wet while the end of your ponytail will dry.

I recommend air drying your hair on your off day- because if you style your dreads when wet it will eventually smell like mildew and are creating a home for mould.

My dreads are shoulder-length right now so it takes at least eight hours to air dry but longer dread will take up to 12-16 hours to air dry.

Oil And Moisturize During The Drying Process

I find when I oil and moisturize my dreads when it’s wet it takes a longer time to air dry. The best time to oil your dreads is when it’s 90% dry because you want your hair to dry faster. Also, the length of time your dreads takes to dry depends on your hair porosity.

Types of Hair Porosity

  • Low Porosity- Hair takes a harder time to allow moisture in and out.
  • Normal Porosity- Hair that holds and allow moisture in for a good amount of time.
  • High Porosity- Hair that allows moisture in and out because of a large gap in hair or a damaged hair cuticle.

Now, when you are air-drying your hair you are waiting for your hair to dry without help with tools. So, the length of your locs and your hair porosity plays an important role in how fast your hair dry.

Air drying your hair as much as you can prevent any unnecessary heat damage that can occur with blow-drying your dreads. Plus, leaving it open while you are outdoors or even indoor, while you’re air drying is better for your dreads health.

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