How To Blow Dry Dreads Safely With FAQ?

Blow-dryers are popular amongst people with dreadlocks when drying their hair after washing. Since they don’t want to risk getting mould or any problems associated with damp hair.

There are so many ways to dry your hair, for example, people with short dreads in Summer can leave their dreads to air dry, while people with long thick dreads in Winter will have a harder time air drying their locs and this is where blow dryers come in handy.

But, is it safe to use a blow-dryer on your locs? Yes, only if you use your dryer on its lowest setting. Now, the hairdryer has the same risk it has on non-dreadheads that is, contributing to brittle and frizzy hair or even worse damage your scalp.

The drying process of dreadlocks is complicated since the outer layer dry faster than the core of your locs, because of this, you may think your dreads are dry by just touching the surface.

How To Dry Dreads A Blow Dryer?

Instead of focusing the heat on a specific area, combine a towel with the blow-dryer.

  • Take a dry towel and make a “towel tunnel” around your head.
  • Then, use your blow-dryer and apply warm air into the towel tunnel.
  • Do this until your dreads are 80-90% dry.
  • Let it air dry after to leave good moisture in.
  • Use Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner before and after you blow-dry your dreadlocks.

Why this procedure is so effective is it traps the warm air inside the towel so, instead of placing the blow-dryer on one area of your hair it applies heat to your entire dreads.

Remember, to put your blow-dryer on medium heat rather than its high setting because the towel tunnel evenly distributes the air around your head.

I have the Trezoro Professional blow-dyer because it has three heat setting and two speed, so I can control the amount of heat I put on my dreadlocks. It also has a comfortable handle and is lightweight for 10-15 minutes of drying.

My Favorite Dreads Drying Tips

dryng dreads

Before you blow-dry your hair always wring out your dreads to get rid of the excess water. If your hair is too short to wring out separate your dreads into a small section and squeeze them a lot, by doing this, you are saving time when drying your dreads.

One of the hardest parts to dry is the tips of your dreads because water is collected at the end of your hair. Also, you don’t want to concentrate on one area of your dreads too long since too much heat can damage your hair.

Personally, I blow dry my hair twice a year since I live in Trinidad and the sun is so hot here so, most of the time I air dry my locs.


Can you blow-dry dreads?

Yes, you can but, try not to put high heat directly to your dreads since this can damage your hair.

How long do you blow-dry dreads after retwisting?

Since your hair isn’t wet you can blow dry your hair for at least five minutes or less to lock in the retwist.

How long should you blow-dry dreads?

You should blow dry your dreads 10-15 minutes depending on the length and thickness of your dreadlocks.

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