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How To Dye Dreads Honey Blonde At Home?

bleaching dreads honey blonde

If you are searching for the perfect blend of honey blonde for your dreads this summer, then you have come to the right place. This shade is excellent for someone who wants that sun-kissed colour without going too much into blonde.

To lighten hair without bleach use a permanent dye like two boxes of Dark & Lovely honey blonde since it is infused with Shea, avocado and olive oil. It is also fade-resistant and gives you significant results. Don’t just take my word for it, check out Just Gean Bean results from dying the tip of her dreadlocks.

How To Dye Dreads Honey Blonde With Bleach

Going from black to blonde requires bleaching, so here I’ll give you a safe how-to guide to bleaching your dreadlocks with minimal damage.

Firstly, you’ll need to start with healthy dreads and make sure your hair is not overly dry. I recommend treating your hair with a home-made hot oil treatment twelve-hours before bleaching.

Use a low-level developer like the Clairol Professional Pure White 10 Gentle Lift and don’t allow it to sit in your hair too long. Start with the ends and work your way from the back to the side, then the top.

Also, add coconut and JBC oil to your mixture of lighting powder and developer to prevent unnecessary breakage and dry dreadlocks. The key to achieving honey blonde with bleaching is to monitor the process and use a toner to get rid of any brassiness.

After bleaching or use of permanent dye in your dreadlocks, always moisturize and treat your hair to another hot oil treatment.

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