How To Take Care Of Bleached Dreads?

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After bleaching your dreadlocks, you will need to replenish the nutrients that were previously stripped from your hair. Adding these chemicals to your hair whether it is locked or loose, will damage your hair as this technique strip the colour from your hair strands.

They further break down your natural fatty acid and weaken the porosity and elasticity of your hair. Even so, you can still have healthy dreadlocks after lifting your hair natural colour. So, how to take care of bleached hair? By hydrating, moisturizing and maintaining your dreads care routine.

The purpose of this guide is to help you maintain healthy hair after bleaching your dreads.

Hydrate Your Dreadlocks

After you have washed out the bleach from your dreadlocks, your hair strands are weaker and lighter as the layer that locks in the moisture was disrupted. While your dreads are healing, give it an extra push with a homemade hot oil treatment.

Add olive oil to your mixture as it adds beneficial fatty acid and powerful vitamin E oil back into your hair strands. Combine it with coconut, almond, and argan oils will encourage your dreadlocks to absorb the nutrients.

Moisturize Your Dreadlocks

Using conditioner in your locs is a controversial topic in the dreadlocks community. However, mature dreads can benefit from conditioners. Products infused with Jamaican Castor and coconut oil like the Shea Moisture will add moisture into your bleached dreadlocks.

A daily spray of rosewater is very beneficial to your dreadlocks, to such an extend some people only use rosewater alone. Rosewater moisturize both your hair, scalp as well as prevent breakage and brittle hair.

Also, if you haven’t used Aloe Vera in your dreadlocks then, now is the time to start since it is packed with a variety of important nutrients. Apart from its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, they strengthen and nourishes your hair follicles. Furthermore, Aloe is a natural conditioner, leaving your bleached hair soft and shiny.

Stay Away From Products That Will Dry Your Hair

deep cleanse for dreadlocks

Products associate with deep cleanse will dry your dreadlocks, so I recommend waiting at least six months after bleaching. Soaking your hair in baking soda and Apple cider vinegar is very harsh on the scalp and will further dry your hair.

To sum, bleach dreadlocks need frequent moisturizing and hydration since this process strip your hair of most of its nutrients. Nevertheless, you still must maintain your washing regime with residue-free shampoo and application of your growth oils.

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