How To Get XXXTentacion Dreadlocks?

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XXXTentacion is an American rapper, songwriter and singer whose popularity has grown from is controversy song and his publicized legal issue. On June 18th 2018 he was fatally shot which took a toll on all his followers. Since his death, he has earned multiple awards and Billboard nominations.

He is also known for his unique dreadlocks style and colours these include the blonde and black combination. So how do you get your dreads to look like XXXTentacion dreadlocks? After examining his locs, he likely started with the spouge method.

This technique involves starting with washed hair and using your curl sponge and rubbing it against your hair. Depending on your hair type, you can do this every day or once a week.

How Did XXXTentacion Maintain His Dreadlocks?

XXXTentacion dreadlocks are maintained- this means he re-twist his hair regularly using natural oils or Aloe Vera Gel. If you look at his dreads, you can see that he dyes his hair, often.

There is no evidence of locs thinning even though his hair is bleached. Further, there are congos in his hair dreads- this shows he gives his hair some freedom to move and connect.

The sides and back of his head are faded so you’ll want to shave the sides of your hair to maintain a high top. For straight hair, you can always try the towel method: To begin, rub your hair in a circular motion every day until your hair is locked.

With the towel method: It is important to always rub your hair in the same direction every time.

Here’s What We Learnt

XXXTentacion looks like he started his hair with the sponge method, and he regularly dyes his hair in a combination of colours. The sides and back of his hair were shaved to maintain a high top. Moreover, he maintained his hair but, allows it to congo. He also, have barrel shape locs, what this means is he palm rolls his dreads sometimes.

After you have achieved XXXTentacion dreadlocks, you can follow this video to learn how to style your hair.

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