How to Reattach Dreads? Tips and Tricks

Reattaching dreadlocks are getting more popular these days, one of my closes friend cut off her dreads because she wanted a change. However, after wearing braids for a month, she missed her dreads and reattach them. When she was finished, it looks so amazing and if you meet her, you wouldn’t notice any difference.

Dreadlocks that you have cut off can be easily reattached, the process is long but, if you don’t want to go through the locking phase again, it’s the next best thing. You can also donate your dreadlocks to a friend who doesn’t want to go through the phases of dreadlocks. Similarly, you’ll need at least 2-4 inches of natural hair to connect to the locked locs. With reattach hair you can make your dreads even thicker the second time around by combining two or more dreads to your desired size.

After connecting the dreads to your natural hair, you can re-twist your roots for a neater look or leave the roots loose to achieve a semi-free-form style. One of the best ways to reattach dreadlocks is using the crochet method, this ensures that the loc is secure and offers a natural look and feel.

How To Reattach Dreadlocks?

  • Start with a clean set of hair, you’ll need to wash the dreads.
  • Take the dread and spread out the loose hair to the top.
  • Place the loose area of the loc on your hair (approx 1 inch from your roots).
  • With a, 75mm crochet needle combine the hair within and out motion with your needle.
  • Pulling hair and pushing hair into the section of the loc.
  • Continue until the hair is secure, as you want it to look as natural as possible.
  • You can style your hair after.


If you want to get rid of your dreadlocks but don’t want to destroy them completely, you can always cut them out to use for later. However, before removing your dreadlocks, wash them and store them away safely for the next time. Furthermore, a crochet needle is the best way to reattach your dreadlocks for a natural appearance.

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